Monday, October 27, 2014

Back to my roots

Dear Family and Friends,

What a wonderful week! I am just loving Oakley and having a blast. This week was amazing! We taught so much and saw tiny miracles in investigators and less actives. This week I have gained a stronger testimony of the Lord's tender mercies and how he answers our prayers. The members here are awesome and they are always giving us new people to teach. I have fallen in love with Oakley and I am so grateful for this great opportunity!

One tender mercy that we saw happened on Sunday. We drove to Oakley and realized that we were low on gas, and couldn't fill up because it was Sunday. Totally our fault for not being prepared. So we went to church and we weren't sure what we were going to do. We had four appointments that night all 15 miles away from each other. We were trying to find rides, but nobody was answering. So we decided to start walking and we prayed that someone would pick us up on the way. And sure enough someone did. So we told her our situation and she said, "Oh we have TONS of extra gas over on our farm that we probably won't use, just follow me to my house and we will fill you up." So we did and she gave us a FULL tank of gas. Oh my goodness. The kindest lady I have ever met. And then, she told us that she had invited her non-member nephew to take the lessons and he was really interested! So we have someone new to teach. We were so grateful and we knew that Heavenly Father was watching out for us. He really is so aware of our needs, and if we are obedient and willing, He will bless us so much! 

We have also seen Him bless us as we have made progress with investigators who were not progressing. We have a few people that have baptismal dates and it is awesome! We also got to speak in the Oakley wards Sacrament meeting! I have a love for speaking in Sacrament meeting now. I love being able to share stories and talk about things that will help these people. It is really a privilege and I don't even get nervous anymore! When I mentioned that I was from Visalia California, like 50 people came up to me after and said that they had family there. I didn't really recognize any of the names but I was only there for a year. We are also teaching a girl that is in Foster Care here that is from Visalia. Small world. Also, EVERYONE knows the Martindale and the Crane name around here. It is awesome, and I love being in the place where my roots are. It has given me a new motivation to do family history work when I return home:)

Also, this week we got to do art with a less- active lady! It was awesome! I have never really liked art, but I have discovered a new love for it! One of my companions Sister Hansen is an artist/musician and I have been so inspired by it! She is really very talented and it has been awesome to learn new things and discover my creative side. I have really learned that there is beauty in imperfection. And we owe all this beauty to our Heavenly Father and I am so grateful for the beauty all around us. 

It has been an amazing week. I love working hard and coming home at night completely exhausted with nothing left to give, and knowing that I gave it my all. I am thankful for this opportunity to serve and to strengthen my testimony and help others come unto Christ. It is the best calling ever. Thank you for all the love and support. Have an amazing week! I love you all! 
Sister Bigelow 

Happy thing of the day: I am so pumped up about the Restoration! When we have companionship study, we get super excited and fired up about the Gospel and it is amazing because then we want to go share it with everyone! I love the Gospel! We are so lucky to be members of Christ's church! Be excited about it! :)

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