Monday, July 28, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

Seriously such an amazing week and I am so happy! So when we found out we were going to be staying together for another transfer, we made some goals for this next transfer about how we can become better missionaries and what we wanted to see happen in this transfer. We wrote the goals up on our whiteboard and decorated it all cute and we were so excited. We had all these plans to contact all these people and meet more people and try and meet former investigators and all these different things. And even though it was so hot and smoky outside (from the fires), we were super motivated and excited to go out and work hard and meet all these people because of all these goals we had set. So we go out to get our bikes, and I had a popped tire, the 3rd one in 2 days!!!! So we were like awesome, what should we do, nobody could fix my bike until the next day. Although I could have totally fixed it if I had an extra tube, thanks to mom for making me take a bike repair class:)  So we started walking and then the Kezele's were like, you can borrow our extra bike! So we started riding and the chain kept falling off. I would go to put it back on and as soon as I would start pedaling, it would fall off again. Haha. I was determined to get stuff done though, so we kept riding, and the chain kept falling off, and I had grease all over myself and was just a hot mess. I finally gave up with the bike because it was getting ridiculous. So we were walking with our bikes and I had the feeling that we needed to pray, because we were so far from anywhere we needed to be and it was going to take us so long to walk. So we prayed on the side of the road, and so many people passed by in their cars and were pointing and laughing at us. At first, it kind of made me upset, but then I realized that it didn't matter what anyone else thought, and I just smiled back because I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ:) And I realized that the world is always going to be so against us, and we are always going to have to stand up for what we believe in. It was such a great lesson. And it reminded me of the song, "Who's on the Lord's Side?" We are on the Lord's side! So as we walked our bikes in 105 degrees for 3 miles, choking on the smoke in the air, we felt such a sense of gratitude and we sung hymns the whole way home:) It was so awesome. It doesn't matter what the world says, when I have Heavenly Father on my side. When we got home,  I read the talk from President Monson that is titled, "Be strong and of a Good Courage." Such a great reminder to stand strong and not let the world mold you and to stand firm in your testimony."Dare to Stand Alone!!!"  Y'all should go read it! :)

We got to meet our new District this week and they are amazing. Every companionship in the WHOLE zone changed except for Sister Pohahau and I. We had an amazing District meeting and have already gotten so close with the Sisters in our District. #sistapower. And also in other great news, Sister Ramsey is back in my Zone and is my Sister Training Leader!!!! Ahhhh! So happy. Now we can plan all our post-mish trips:) At our Zone activity we played volleyball and it was so fun. The Zone is really there to help each other and I love the bond we already have with them. We also had some amazing lessons this week and have started teaching more families and seeing success and progress with a lot of people. We have really been trying to work closely with our wards and have seen a lot of success with that too. We decided to do a "40-day fast" in both our wards and it has been amazing to see the efforts that the wards are putting in. So many great things have been happening and we are being so blessed. But....nobody came to church this week. #missionariesworstnightmare. We knew there had to be something coming! Gotta have trials a midst the blessings right?:) So that is our goal for this week, to get people to church! 

We have our baptism coming up this weekend and have been working a lot with their family! She had her baptismal interview yesterday and she just cried and was so happy and we all cried together! She is just so ready and wants nothing more than to have her family sealed. I love being able to be a part of all of this. It is truly such a privilege to be helping out the Lord with this work. Remember in my last email how I was saying that i had been struggling a bit? Well I have just received so much strength and guidance these last few weeks. I committed myself and promised Heavenly Father that I would give it all to Him. I AM ALL IN. That meant taking pictures off the wall of friends back home. It meant not emailing or writing some people that were becoming a distraction. It meant not talking about the past, but only looking to the future. It means giving my whole heart and every ounce of energy and drop of passion to this work. And as soon as I realized that I needed to be all in is when the miracles happened and I truly saw the change in myself. And I am never looking back. My greatest desire is to serve the Lord with all my "heart, might, mind, and strength" and to make Him proud and to be the best I can be. I know I won't get there overnight, but all the Lord wants to see is progress, not perfection. I am learning to become truly consecrated, a principle that will benefit me for the rest of my life. My heart is so full for the blessings that I have received. Hurrah for Israel!!!!!

I hope y'all are doing well! I hope you know you are always in my prayers. I love you all so much and am so grateful for all the love and support I feel from you. You are amazing. The Gospel is true! Never forget it. Be happy always, and never give up, Heavenly father is mindful of you and everything you are going through in your life. Turn to Him, and He will give you strength. #wordsofwisdom. I love you all! Have a great week:)

Sister Bigelow

Monday, July 21, 2014

6 months out!

Dear Family and Friends!

What a great week! WE MOVED BACK INTO THE KEZELE'S!!!!! WHOOOO!!!! Literally the best day of my life. I cried. #embarrassing. Like I said in my last email, we were having some safety concerns and they moved us back. And we are so happy. We love feeling like part of a family and they take such great care of us and I am so grateful! I never want to leave this area, and the great news is, we get to stay for another 6 weeks!!!! We were so happy when they called out transfers and found out we are staying together and in our areas. We are so excited. We knew our work wasn't done together, and we are so excited to see what this new transfer has in store for us! 

This week was soooo good. WE HAVE A BAPTISM!!!!! It is the Part member family I told you about in my last email, the most adorable family ever. #ikindofwanttobethem #sortofkidding. She is getting baptized August 2nd and we are so excited. She is just glowing and is so happy to be baptized and then work toward her goal of the temple and being sealed to her family. It just makes me so excited for my future and the blessings that come from raising your family in the Gospel. As we have taught her, I have felt so much gratitude for my family and parents who always made the Gospel a priority and for the blessings our family has received from the temple. We also got a new investigator this week, another part member family. #that'swhereit'sat. I love working with families because that is what it is all about. We have gotten so close with so many people and it is incredible. I know we are here for a reason. When we got to the first ward, literally nothing was happening. No investigators or anything, and we have seen so many miracles and I am so grateful for the plan Heavenly Father has for me and for each of His children. Missions are the best. 

Can you believe I hit 6 months out? I really feel like I just got here and I am realizing I don't have a whole lot longer and I know it will just fly by. At about 6 months out, most every missionary kind of hits a wall, and that happened to me. I have been feeling really unmotivated sometimes and just questioning why I am here and what my purpose is. Every missionary I have talked to experienced the same thing about this time in their missions. It is the point where you have to decide if you are going to be "all in", or if you are just going to "coast" the rest of your mission. I have found so much strength through prayer the last couple weeks. I know I have my weaknesses and my struggles, but as I have talked with my Father in Heaven and let Him know of my desires to be all in and to give Him my whole heart, I have received so much guidance and strength. These last few weeks have been a real turning point for me. I have had an amazing mission so far, with lots of hard work and experience, but I wasn't all in. I would still get distracted sometimes with worldly things, or what is going on back home. Sometimes, I didn't want to go out and work because I was feeling tired or lazy, but now everything has changed, because I have decided to turn my will completely over to Heavenly Father and to trust in His plan. And it has been amazing. He needed to see that desire and that faith from me and my willingness to let everything else go and give everything I have to Him. It has been a hard thing to overcome, but I have been so blessed. I can't even express how grateful I am for my mission. I have learned so much and have become so much more  than I ever thought I could. My testimony has been strengthened and I have met so many amazing people. Couldn't ask for anything better.

I love all of you and I love the Gospel with all my heart. There is nothing better or more important in this life. Have a great week. Sending my love!
Love, Sister Bigs

Monday, July 14, 2014

Permanently Sweaty

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello! How goes it? Our week was pretty good and I am just oh so happy! This week was so busy! It was just a work, work, work week, with no meeting distracting us! It was great! We met a lot people and set up a lot of appointments which is something that we have been struggling with. We have also had A LOT of challenges this week that have really tried our faith as missionaries. But we are staying strong and holding on. We know that everything happens for a reason and that Heavenly Father has so many blessings in store!

Not much to report on this week, but a lot of contacting and talking to people. We also has exchanges this week so I went to the West side of Twin with Sister Wright and she is great. We had so much fun! But we got distracted a lot just talking. #sistermissionaryprobs. Exchanges are always wonderful and I always learn so much. I was nervous to leave Sister Pohahau in our area without me, but she did awesome, as I knew she would. I literally feel like she is my child. haha. I pray that I have helped her and taught her everything she needs to know. I am sure that is how parents feel. #mybabygirl

It has been really hot here the last few weeks. Definitely over 100 everyday. I know it's not as hot as some places, but hot is hot, no matter where you are. Biking is great and I kind of feel like I am permanently sweaty. It definitely helps with the gaining weight problem.haha. Oh and our apartment doesn't have air conditioning. #thestruggleisreal #1stworldmissionprobs. It is so stinkin' hot. Our beds used to be downstairs, but due to some things that happened, we had to move them upstairs for safety purposes. We can't even sleep because it is so hot. We bought some reusable ice packs, and a fan, and we both have our spray bottles full of ice cold water.#dowhatyougottado #gottaimprovise #ihavegivenuponmakeup. It is great though. It wouldn't be a mission without some sweaty bike rides and sleepless nights. I just keep thinking about my daddy on his mission in the heat of Florida. Couldn't do it. Props to you! I am just grateful for the opportunity to serve, and no matter what sacrifices I have to make,or how hard it is,  it is worth it because I love this Gospel and I love my Savior. We'll just keep on pushin' with smiles on our faces!

Saw my girl Ramz this week :)
I am really happy and life is so good. I want to challenge all of you to make the effort to share the Gospel. There truly is no greater joy or happiness that you can experience. All we are asked to do in invite. Be bold, my friends. Heavenly Father is counting on you and needs your help. This is a big deal! This is people's salvation we are talking about. Don't walk, run. Invite a friend to church this week, take some cookies to a neighbor, stop and help someone who is working in their yard, give a Book of Mormon away, do anything you can to help build up the Lord's Kingdom. I have really been realizing how important you are in this work. We can't do it alone. It isn't hard. Reach out and be a friend, be an example, and always be Christlike. I hope y'all take up my challenge, not only this week, but forever. My favorite scripture: D&C 84:88 "And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." Heavenly Father is with you and you will help you, I can promise you that. You all are amazing. I love this Gospel and sharing it deepens that love everyday. It is incredible. Have a great week:), sending my love!

Love, Sister Bigs

Monday, July 7, 2014

Missionary Toolbox

Dear Family and Friends!

Hola! How was everyone's 4th? Mine was good! We hung out with members for most of the day. Proselyting is REALLY hard on holidays. Everyone is angry to see us haha. But we went to A LOT of BBQ's. We both got sick from eating too much food and I am pretty sure I gained like 10 pounds that day. #idahoprobs #1stworldmissionprobs. It was great to be with our members. I was missing my family lots that day, but the wards just took us under their wing and made us feel like part of a family, and I was really grateful for that. We did some arts and crafts, and ate good food, and did some fireworks. It was great! This year, the 4th took on a little different meaning for me though. I was reading in 2 Nephi chapter 1 when Lehi is prophesying of America, a land of freedom and liberty. It just really hit me that it was always part of Heavenly Father's plan. It paved the way for the Restoration of the Gospel, and that we are able to worship freely and have all the freedoms that we do. AMAZING. I love the Gospel. #'merica

This week was a busy one! First of all, we got to go to the temple which is always the best. I really wish we could go more, but I won't complain because a lot of missionaries don't get to go at all. :) I just love the temple so much. I am reminded every time I go of the incredible knowledge we have and of the blessings of the Gospel and of eternal families. #thebest. I am just reminded over and over again that this is what I want in my life and there is truly nothing better. My mission has truly converted me. I don't think my testimony would be as strong without it and I wouldn't appreciate the Gospel as much. The temple is truly a blessing and we need to be going as much as we can! I always receive so much inspiration and peace while I am there. When I go to the temple, nothing else matters, and I am able to see the eternal perspective! AHhhh. So wonderful.

This week we also had LOTS of missionary meetings. I love them because I always learn so much and am always humbled and always leave with a desire to become better. We had a new missionary meeting for Sister Pohahau and a Zone training. I know that I have been working hard, but this week I have really just felt like there is so much more I could be doing. I was really struggling and doubting myself a lot, and so I decided to get on my knees and ask Heavenly Father what I should do. A simple answer came. Work. So that is what I am going to do! As I was studying and pondering about what we could do better, I also received a lot of inspiration and direction that we need to work with the members and get them excited. I came across a quote in the June Ensign from Elder Bednar that said, "Members are the full-time finders, and missionaries are the full-time teachers." That had never really crossed my mind before. Our members are great, but they aren't really doing their part in missionary work. So during our planning session, Sister Pohahau and I really sought inspiration as to how we could involve them, and the ideas just started coming. We came up with SO MUCH. Family mission plans, activities, a missionary toolbox, Book of Mormon challenge, and so much more. It was awesome! Members are really scared to be missionaries, but most of them don't realize how easy it is. We really feel like that is going to be our key to success, and we are so excited and so grateful for the guidance we received. So I challenge all of you to get outside your comfort zones, and open your mouths and to share the Gospel because it is not only your responsibility, it is a commandment. That is the most important thing you will ever do in this life! And Heavenly Father is preparing so many people. Being a missionary doesn't mean we have to teach people. It means reaching out, and serving others, and simply being Christlike and being an example and being a friend. I always love the story of Ammon when he is a servant to King Lamoni and it says he was a "friend to the King." So go out there and share the Gospel!!!!!!! Heavenly Father is counting on you! 

We found a new family to teach this week. He is a member and she isn't. They have the CUTEST kids and are basically the most adorable family ever. She really wants to learn more and really wants her family to be sealed. And they are awesome. They came to church and had a really great experience. I love teaching families because that is really what it is all about and it is so cool to see that desire that they have. This week we also got to teach in primary, Sunday School, and Young womens! Yay! #justaskthemissionaries! it is a really great experience to be able to just pick up and teach at the last minute. I don't even get nervous anymore and I really feel like my mission is preparing me to serve in calling for the rest of my life. And I realized that I really miss young womens. We taught about ordinances and the importance of preparing right now. It was such a powerful lesson and how grateful I am for the sacred ordinances. We had a really great week and we are excited for another one!

I just love the mission. I am learning so much, and not just about the Gospel, but about life in general. I write down all the good idea/traditions/recipes that people do for my future family. I am learning what it really takes to stay strong and to be a faithful member of the church. It is awesome. Thank you all for the love and support! Have an amazing week. I love you!
Love, SIster Bigs