Monday, July 21, 2014

6 months out!

Dear Family and Friends!

What a great week! WE MOVED BACK INTO THE KEZELE'S!!!!! WHOOOO!!!! Literally the best day of my life. I cried. #embarrassing. Like I said in my last email, we were having some safety concerns and they moved us back. And we are so happy. We love feeling like part of a family and they take such great care of us and I am so grateful! I never want to leave this area, and the great news is, we get to stay for another 6 weeks!!!! We were so happy when they called out transfers and found out we are staying together and in our areas. We are so excited. We knew our work wasn't done together, and we are so excited to see what this new transfer has in store for us! 

This week was soooo good. WE HAVE A BAPTISM!!!!! It is the Part member family I told you about in my last email, the most adorable family ever. #ikindofwanttobethem #sortofkidding. She is getting baptized August 2nd and we are so excited. She is just glowing and is so happy to be baptized and then work toward her goal of the temple and being sealed to her family. It just makes me so excited for my future and the blessings that come from raising your family in the Gospel. As we have taught her, I have felt so much gratitude for my family and parents who always made the Gospel a priority and for the blessings our family has received from the temple. We also got a new investigator this week, another part member family. #that'swhereit'sat. I love working with families because that is what it is all about. We have gotten so close with so many people and it is incredible. I know we are here for a reason. When we got to the first ward, literally nothing was happening. No investigators or anything, and we have seen so many miracles and I am so grateful for the plan Heavenly Father has for me and for each of His children. Missions are the best. 

Can you believe I hit 6 months out? I really feel like I just got here and I am realizing I don't have a whole lot longer and I know it will just fly by. At about 6 months out, most every missionary kind of hits a wall, and that happened to me. I have been feeling really unmotivated sometimes and just questioning why I am here and what my purpose is. Every missionary I have talked to experienced the same thing about this time in their missions. It is the point where you have to decide if you are going to be "all in", or if you are just going to "coast" the rest of your mission. I have found so much strength through prayer the last couple weeks. I know I have my weaknesses and my struggles, but as I have talked with my Father in Heaven and let Him know of my desires to be all in and to give Him my whole heart, I have received so much guidance and strength. These last few weeks have been a real turning point for me. I have had an amazing mission so far, with lots of hard work and experience, but I wasn't all in. I would still get distracted sometimes with worldly things, or what is going on back home. Sometimes, I didn't want to go out and work because I was feeling tired or lazy, but now everything has changed, because I have decided to turn my will completely over to Heavenly Father and to trust in His plan. And it has been amazing. He needed to see that desire and that faith from me and my willingness to let everything else go and give everything I have to Him. It has been a hard thing to overcome, but I have been so blessed. I can't even express how grateful I am for my mission. I have learned so much and have become so much more  than I ever thought I could. My testimony has been strengthened and I have met so many amazing people. Couldn't ask for anything better.

I love all of you and I love the Gospel with all my heart. There is nothing better or more important in this life. Have a great week. Sending my love!
Love, Sister Bigs

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