Monday, August 3, 2015

I'll tell y'all the rest when I get home

Dear Family and Friends,
Last Monday of my mission....where does the time go???? My mission has
been so amazing! I have loved every minute, the good and bad! Thank
you so much for all your love and support. You will never know how
much it has meant to me.

Brendon's baptism was amazing and an incredible way to end my mission.
I was in tears the whole day! I have never experienced greater joy and
love than at moments like that.

I will tell y'all the rest when I get home, it'll be more fun that
way! I love you all and can't wait to see your faces. See you all
soon! Love you!
Love, Sister Bigelow

This is the Lord's work and He needs our help

Dear Family and Friends,
I feel like I shouldn't write you anything since I am going to see you
all so soon! Haha. But for mom's sake I will write a little bit. We
have had a wonderful week! It has been so busy and has just flown by!
Serioulsy, I don't think time could go by any faster!

Brenden had his baptismal interview this week and it went super well!
It is so amazing when people are just prepared for the gospel and they
will sacrifice anything to do what they know is right. His whole
family hates the church but he knows this is what he wants for him and
his family. He is so strong and such an example to me. We will be
looking forward to having his baptism this Saturday! Going out with a

Everyone else is doing really good. We are doing a lot of member
missionary work! We are trying to be creative in our ideas, like
giving each family their own personal mission call and having them
make a family mission plan. It has been really successful so far! I
just want the members to know that this is the Lord's work and he
needs our help. And along with teaching our children and families the
gospel, this is the most important work we will ever do for now and in
eternity. The more I come to understand the Plan of Salvation, the
more urgent missionary work seems. Everyone deserves a chance to hear
the gospel and accept it! One of my favorite scriptures is 1 Peter
3:15 " ready always to give every man an answer that asketh of
the hope that is in you." We all have the light of the gospel! Share
it and you will be so happy and so blessed!

So funny story.....last week we were bowling on p-day and I was
picking up my bowling ball and another ball came shooting out of the
machine, and it totally smashed my finger. It hurt REALLY bad, but I
didn't think much of it. Then we went to our zone activity and played
volleyball and my same finger got smashed again by the volleyball. It
was SO swollen and bruised and crooked haha. So I went and got a
splint for it. Not sure if it is broken or just sprained, but I can't
really move it! Good times on the mission.

Another funny story! So we went to go contact this referral. The
Spanish Elders had met her. She lives with her parents who speak
spanish, but she speaks perfect engligh, so they wanted us to go teach
her. We pulled up and her dad was outside. We got out of the car to

ask if his daughter was there. He got up and started yelling, "El
diablo! El Diablo!" (which means the devil), and he was like trying to
cast spirits out of us or something, it was so crazy! Then he went
inside and slammed the door and just watched us from the window and
wouldn't come answer the door haha. We were dying laughing! Wouldn't
be the first time I got called the devil! It just makes me realize
that this work is never going to be easy. There is always going to be
persecution, and people and forces working against us. But it is all
worth it for this work! Gotta love it!

Other than that, life is pretty routine. Another busy week ahead of
us! There are a lot of people that are trying to throw be goodbye
parties haha. But I just want to have a normal missionary week and
work hard and love it. So grateful to be a missionary. Hurrah for
Israel! Love you all so much. Thanks for the love and support! Have a
great week!
Love, Sister Bigelow

Monday, July 27, 2015

The gospel is amazing!

Dear Family and Friends,
Another good week here in good ol' Rupert! Not a whole lot to report
on this week though. Sorry! One exciting thing that happened was that
we were able to set a baptismal date for Zach! August 15th! I will
miss it, but it will be an amazing day for him.

We had our 3 week training meeting this week. It is when all the new
missionaries and their trainers get together after 3 weeks in the
field and talk about how it is going. It was super fun! I remember
going to that meeting as a new missionary and being so overwhelmed and
everything was so different than I imagined it. But going in as a
trainer is so different. You forget how scary and new everything is,
so I just have to keep reminding myself to slow it down and make sure
that she is okay and is getting the hang of things. It is so funny
because our mindsets and perspectives are SO different. When you have
barely left home, you are still the same person trying to learn how to
apply all these things, but when you have been out 18 months, you have
learned so much and everything has changed for me. So it is fun to see
what I was like when I first came out and then now. I just hope that I
can impart some good wisdom on Sister Rhiner:)

This week I had kind of a cool spiritual experience. We have been
working with this less-active family, the Patterson's. I love them so
much and I have a great relationship with them. Brother Patterson was
talking about his conversion a few years ago, and how he read the
letters between Emma and Joseph Smith and how that softened his heart
so much toward the gospel. So we decided to watch "Joseph Smith:
Prophet of the Restoration" with them since it is on Netflix now. I
have seen the movie a few times, but for some reason this time it was
so much more powerful! I was in tears and the spirit was testifying so
strongly to me. It really stood out to me in the movie this time how
Joseph Smith recognized the Lord's hand in ALL things and he always
testified so boldly and simply of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And then
on Sunday, the high council spoke in both of our wards, and they all
spoke about the prophet Joseph! The spirit touched my heart so deeply
yet again! I am just so grateful for what he did to restore Christ's
church back on the Earth. I can't even imagine. The heartbreak of Emma
as she watched him leave for the last time, he had so much courage and
faith, and I want to be more like him! He sacrificed everything and I
am so thankful for that.

Brenden is still doing super good, and he has his baptismal interview
this week. So excited! This is what is is all about. We find a lot of
people to teach, but there are very few that are truly prepared and
ready for this beautiful message. They already set a date for their
temple sealing next August, and I told them I would be there! The
Gospel is amazing and I have never been so happy in my whole life. The
Gospel is true happiness. 2 more weeks to share the gospel full-time!
Gotta keep running! I love you all so much. Thank you for the love,
support, and prayers. Have a great week!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Sister Bigelow

Monday, July 13, 2015

3 new investigators in one day

Dear Family and Friends,

Another great week here in Rupert! It cooled off a lot this week which
was nice. Lots of good things happening!

Our monthly focus for our mission is finding by the spirit. Sometimes
it can be easy to get discouraged because it seems like NOBODY wants
to listen to us. It is very far and few between that we find someone
that is truly prepared. Our meeting have been focused on finding, so
Sister Rhiner and I decided that we were going to increase our faith.
We fasted and prayed, and then went out and tried our hardest. And we
found 3 new investigators in 1 day!! That never ever happens! One of
them is a couple with a 1 year old, and the other a 16 year old boy,
and they are all super prepared! I know that the Lord is answering our
prayers and is aware of our needs. It was truly a miracle, and we are
super excited!

Our investigators are doing really well. I love having the experience
of teaching. It helps me strengthen my testimony and increase my
knowledge of the gospel. The investigators that we have ask a lot of
questions, and it is amazing because when I don't know the answer, the
spirit does and God is there to help us because he loves these people
we are teaching. I think that is the thing that I have learned the
most on my mission, is God's love for each of us individually. When we
have a testimony of that, no matter what happens in life, we can get
through it. The gospel is so amazing!

Unfortunately, we were meeting with a less-active this week, and the
cops showed up, searched her house, and then arrested her right in
front of us. I cried about it, and it really was making me upset and
distraught, so I have just been praying to have peace about it all.
She had been doing so good, and I have a really great relationship
with her, so it was hard for me. But Heavenly Father just spoke peace
to my mind and said that there are consequences for actions and that
she would be okay. Again, God answers prayers and he looks out for his

I got to go on my last exchange ever this week! And I got to be with
Sister Pohahau! It was the best! I went to Burley, and we just worked
hard and laughed and reminisced on old times. I love her so much, and
she continues to be a good example to me. So grateful for the
wonderful companions that I have had. Still loving life and enjoying
my mission so much. Gotta finish strong! I love you all. Thank you so
much for all your love and support. Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Bigelow xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, July 6, 2015

Steak on a stick

Dear Family and Friends,
Happy late 4th of July! Hope everyone had a good holiday! Rupert's 4th
of July celebration is CRAZY! Who knew such a small town could throw
such a good party! Haha. It lasts the entire week before the 4th.
There is this historic place in Rupert called "the square." It is
literally a square with a park in the middle and businesses
surrounding it. It is really cute! So the whole week of the 4th,
restaurants and churches set up food booths all around the square,
almost like a fair or something. They have music, and bounce houses,
and all sorts of cool stuff. We spent a lot of the week there trying
to talk to new people and stuffing our faces. Steak on a stick was the
bomb. Haha.

On the 4th, we just spent the day with members. It is just so
unproductive to try and teach people cause everyone is celebrating and
with their families. We got fed all 3 meals that day! #foodbaby. We
were able to go watch the parade with some members and it was fun.
Just BBQs and stuff all day. For the first time, the spirit really
witnessed to me of the gratitude I should have for this free country.
Even though there are a lot of bad things happening right now, I am so
grateful especially for the freedom of religion that we have. I
wouldn't be a missionary here if it wasn't a free country! So many men
and women have given their lives for us, and God has definitely
blessed us to be able to live here. It was a really humbling

Best part of the week....we set a baptismal date with Brenden!
Whooo!!!! It is awesome because in Sister Rhiner's training we have
been focusing a lot on the baptismal invitation and have been
practicing it a lot together. And then we got the opportunity to
extend one and it was so powerful because we were both prepared and
bold with it. He is getting baptized on August 1st and we are so
excited! It will be my last weekend as a missionary, so I get to go
out with a bang!  He has been getting a lot of backlash from his
family who used to be members. But he said, "I just told them that I
have faith and I know it is true no matter what anyone else says." I
can't even imagine how hard that would be. But he is truly on of God's
elect and he has been so prepared for this. His wife is so cute (she
is already a member) and is already planning the meal for after the
baptism haha. It is an occasion to be celebrated! They came to church
and are loving learning more about the gospel. I love being a

The rest of the week was spent doing lots of service! Rupert is having
record breaking heat right now, so it has been fun doing yard-work!
Haha. The amazing thing is, normally I would probably complain and not
want to do it, but I just love serving these people no matter how
sweaty I am! It is so worth it. My patriarchal blessing reminds me
that I need to give of all my talents, time, and ENERGY to building up
the Lord's kingdom and serving those around me. That has never been
more true, and I am grateful for that opportunity.

Sister Rhiner is amazing and I am so lucky to be her companion. She
just hungers for knowledge and has a desire to learn it all and be the
best missionary she can be. And we have a blast together. One night
this week, we couldn't even pray because we were just on the floor
laughing for like 15 minutes haha. Sometimes it is hard to go to bed
because it feels like a sleepover with my best friend! It is the best
when you have a companion that loves the work and loves to have fun.
Life is just good.

We are still working on finding some people to teach! We have been
focusing a lot on our members and committing them to be missionaries.
We have made copies of our name-tags(without our names on them), and
have been giving them to everyone to write their names on as a
reminder that we are all called to help the Lord in this work. And we
have started to see more excitement! Things are wonderful and I am
loving every minute and everyday, no matter what trials come our way.
There is a song that we have been listening too, and it has helped me
a ton! It goes,
"In the strength of the Lord, I can do all things. He knows how to
change the weakness in me. So I will let his love, lift me up. He
believes I can do hard things, if I will trust him, and walk forward
in the strength of the Lord."

I pray that we can all remember these simple truths throughout our
daily lives and hardships we face. He is always there for us. The
Atonement is real and it can truly strengthen us and help us be
better. Thank you for all your love and support! Y'all are the best.
Have a wonderful week. Love you!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Sister Bigelow

Monday, June 29, 2015

First day and 911

Dear Family and Friends,
And June is over....and there it went.....Seriously crazy week. I am
exhausted and so happy and loving life! Igot my new trainee this week!
Her name is Sister Rhiner and she isfrom a small town in Illinois. She
is 19 and straight from the MTC.
She is awesome and we have had so much fun together already! I have
gotten really lucky with both my trainees. She is super humble and is
always asking questions so she can learn and be a good missionary. I
love it! And it is helping me to stay focused and keep the fire. Life
is so good!

The first part of this week was spent getting Sister Borjas all packed
and ready to go! She is home in Kansas now and it is so crazy. My
transfer with her absolutely flew by. But she is on to bigger and
better things and I am happy for her! I went and picked up Sister
Rhiner on Wednesday and we went straight to work teaching and doing
service. I totally remember what it was like to be a brand new
missionary. So nervous all the time and it is so scary! But I hope
that I can be there for her and help her as much as possible.

Unfortunately my companion got really sick this last week. Probably
just new environment, stress, and exhaustion. On Thursday night at
dinner we were eating, and she just grabs my arm and says, "I don't
feel good, I can't see anything right now." She went completely white
and started hyperventilating, and going in and out of consciousness.
Luckily the member that we were with has a medical history, so she
grabbed all her tools. He blood pressure shot way up, the machine
wouldn't even register it, and her heart-rate dropped way low. I was
literally holding her on her chair and I just kept screaming "keep
your eyes open, stay with me!" It was so scary! We called 911 when her
heart-rate dropped, so the ambulance came and took care of her. She is
okay now, but it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I
just kept praying in my heart for her to be okay. I was in tears and
the member was in tears, but we were trying to stay calm. They said it
was a severe anxiety attack. She is okay and healthy now, but we took
it easy for a few days and I have been her mommy making sure she
drinks lots of water and stays cool. Poor thing, second day in! She is
a champ though, she stayed strong and has been happy as a clam ever
since. She is such an example to me. She was able to get a really
powerful priesthood blessing, and the whole experience helped me to
know that Heavenly Father is truly there and he hears and answers
prayers and comforts us in times of need. I was really shaken up, and
I definitely needed that comfort he gave to me. Hopefully it doesn't
happen again, and we will be blessed to be able to work hard and have

That was the excitement for this week! We had a really great District
meeting and we talked about the phrase, "If it is to be, it is up to
ME!" We talked about stories from the scriptures where they took
matters into their own hands and decided it was up to them and got
things done. It was a really great reminder, that if we are following
the Lord's plan, we can choose to be happy and we can choose to change
the world if we want to. Christ definitely had this mindset. He didn't
necessarily want to suffer and die for all of us. But he knew that it
had to be, so he had to do it, and he did it because he loves us. Can
you imagine if he just said that it wasn't up to him? We would be
nowhere without the Savior and his sacrifice for us. Really powerful

Our investigators are doing so good and progressing so well. Zack and
Brenden are on track for baptism is July. Super exciting! And we found
another really solid investigator this week named Celeste. Keep them
in you prayers! Summer is in full swing here and it has been really
hot! But I love being sweaty knowing that I am working hard and
helping other people. 4th of July is like the biggest deal in Rupert.
They have stuff going on in town all week leading up to it. We are
hoping to have lots of success maybe street contacting and talking to
people this week. Should be a good one! Thank you so much for all your
love and support. Happy 4th of July! Be safe!
Love, Sister Bigelow xoxoxoxox

Monday, June 22, 2015

Staying and training in Rupert

Dear Family and Friends,

Good week this week! Transfers are here again. My Sister Borjas goes
home to Kansas and I am so sad but so happy for her! I get to stay in
Rupert for another one and train a new missionary! I am really excited
cause I kind of know what I am doing this time haha. And it will help
keep me focused to the very end. This is my last transfer and it is so
bittersweet! Time sure does fly.

Not much to report on this week. We have done a lot of
cleaning/packing/organizing for Sister Borjas. And we have just had a
busy week with service and teaching. Our new investigators the
Zaragoza's came to church and they are so awesome! It is weird that I
am older than them, but they are married and just bought their first
house haha. They are so prepared and I love teaching them because they
just want to learn and it is amazing.

I got to go on exchanges in Burley with Sister Kentner this week. It
was so fun to be back together and reminisce on the old time in good
ol' Rupert. I swear I always have the most interesting things happen
in that area on every exchange! Another dog peed on my leg haha. Good
times. It was a blast!

Other than that we are just working away to try to find more people to
teach. Sorry this email is so short, running low on time today. Sister
Borjas and I are going to have a girls day and get her all pretty to
go home on Wednesday. I love you all! Thank you for all the love and
support. Have a wonderful week :)
Love, Sister Bigelow

Monday, June 15, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,
It has been a wonderful week! All I can say is that miracles happen! I
have a cool story for you this week:) ya know how we have been searching and searching for new
investigators?? Well this week the search was still on. A bunch of our
investigators and less-actives moved or are in the process of moving,
so we have been trying to build up our teaching pool again. So this
week we get a call from the YSA Elders. They were in our area giving
someone in the YSA ward a blessing. They saw a guy working in his
yard, and felt impressed that they needed to talk to him. So they did.
It turns out he is married, so they gave us his information and told
us to go back the next day and that he seemed kind of interested.
So we went back the next day when he said he would be home, and like
always nobody is home. Typical missionary life. I didn't think too
much of it, but we did keep trying. Every day for the whole week we
knocked on that door with no answer. So we finally left a note on
their door with our names and phone numbers. And of course no call
come through. So again, I didn't think too much about it. But after a
few days, I though of him again, so we tried again with no answer. So
we were just going to give up.
Then, we were praying. I was saying the prayer and I prayed that he
would call. And just as I said it, the phone rang, and it was him!!!!!
It was a total "Best 2 years" moment.
"Please bless him that he may call..."
"It's him!"
*Halleluja! Hallelujah!*
Hahahaha we were dying it was too funny! That never happens! It was
amazing and such a testimony builder for me of diligence and hard work
and blessings. We met with them and they are so prepared! He had just
been thinking about how now that he was a newlywed, that he wanted
religion for his family, and the next day the Elders showed up, and
that was his sign. So now both him and his wife are investigating and
they are amazing! Miracles happen!

That was pretty much the highlight of the week. Zach is doing good and
moving towards baptism, and we are just working on finding others.
Other than that, just lots and lots of weed pulling for people. I am
definitely a professional by now! Haha. I love it though, it is really
rewarding to help people with things they can't do themselves. We
taught a lot of less-actives this week too. It was just a good
missionary week! We heard a homecoming talk in one of our wards and it
was the first time that I thought...hmmmm maybe I should start
thinking about some experiences that I can share in mine! Kinda weird,
but really amazing to think back and reflect back on what an amazing
experience this has been.

I have been thinking a lot about Alma ch.5 where he is talking about
experiencing a change of heart and singing the song of redeeming love.
I love the questions, "Have you received his image in your
countenances? Have you stripped yourselves of pride and envy?" It is
just a good self-evaluation for all of us. A change of heart isn't
easy, but it comes as we are acting and becoming more as Christ is.
The Gospel is so simple and yet so wonderful!

Hope y'all had a great week and are enjoying the summertime. I know I
am! Thank you all for your love and support, and don't forget to have
faith and believe in miracles. God is watching over us! Love you!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Sister Bigelow

P.S. A really awesome member let us make these awesome Idaho shirts to
remember our missions by! So fun!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Bearing your testimony is like weight lifting

Dear Family and Friends,

Good week! Pretty much the same as always, lots of service, and
teaching. And it is actually starting to feel like summer! So happy!

Zach is doing well and is headed to baptism at the beginning of July.
That kid just melts my heart. I love teaching him and seeing him
change and the light of Christ in his eyes. We tried to find some
investigators this week, but with no success. But I know that as we
keep working diligently, the Lord will answer our prayers and lead us
to those prepared people!

I am so excited for my brother Jared and his call to serve in Korea!
It made me really emotional, and it made me really reflect back on my
own mission and what a blessing and privilege it has been to serve. I
know that all mission calls are inspired, and I know that I am exactly
where the Lord wants me. Too many miracles have happened for me to
deny that. As it is coming to an end, it just makes me want to work
that much harder and do all I can. Serving a mission is an incredible
experience. Hardest thing I have ever done, but the change I see in
myself and in others is worth every bit of it. Hurrah for Israel!

We got a new car this week! It was harder to part with the minivan
than I thought it would be haha. But it's nice, and I am grateful for
a car! We decided to walk in town a lot this week because the weather
was so beautiful and we are more successful that way. Unfortunately
since it is the first week of summer vacation, everyone has taken off,
and not a lot of people were home. But we just keep trying and having
faith! I got a real nice farmers tan to prove it. Life is good!  I am happy!

We had a zone training this week about developing Christ-like
attributes. SO good! I think that is one of the most important things
we can do. First, work on ourselves and become more like Christ, so we
can help others as He would help them. It was amazing, and the spirit
definitely told me some things that I need to work on. So I have taken
it to heart and really studied and tried to apply becoming more like
Christ. The task for this week.....humility! Seeking God's will in
everything, and then obeying no matter what, and being more grateful.
So thankful to have the time to work on and improve myself as I serve
others. I realize just how imperfect I am, but what a gift the
Atonement is, that we have the opportunity to try again everyday. God
is good!

Well, I hope y'all have a good week! Thank you for all the love and
support. I love being a missionary and bearing Christ's name everyday.
There is no greater calling! Quote of the week: "Bearing your
testimony is like weight lifting, it strengthens it!" So true. So go
out there and shout it to the world! The gospel is such a blessing.
Love you all!
Love, Sister Bigelow xoxoxo

Monday, June 1, 2015

"You can rest later"

Dear Family and Friends,
The sun finally decided to come out! I am one happy California girl!
Haha. It was a great week. Really busy, and I think I have hit the
point of pure exhaustion, but just gotta keep going and finish strong!
Elder Holland says, "You can rest later!" Onward ever onward!

We had a zone conference this week, and it was really good! All about
continuing to experience a change of heart, and teaching as the Savior
would. It really helped me to focus back on my purpose and really
acting as the Savior would. A lot of times, I just get into the
routine. I know the lessons because I have studied and taught them a
million times, but I really need to be prepared and pray specifically
for the people I teach and what they need. It was a good reminder to
not lose sight of what is most important, and that is the love that I
share with those around me. Jesus Christ is such an amazing example 
and I am thankful for him.
We also got to go to the temple!!!! Best kind of days. I was able to
really ponder and receive a lot of the inspiration and peace that I
needed. The temple is truly a gift and I love it so much. And I ate at
Taco Bell for the first time on my mission! Haha. Good times.

We got to do a lot of service this week! Everything from pulling
weeds, to dishes, to planting flowers. It was wonderful. I really have
found so much joy as I have been able to serve others even in the
little things. This week a member told me that just by simply
listening to her and her struggles, and being inspired in my response
meant the world to her, and I am thankful that Heavenly Father can use
me as his instrument to bless others around me. Those are the happiest
moments on my mission, and that is truly what this gospel and what
this life is all about. Helping all of God's children around us, and
not just because we have to, but because we love Jesus Christ and want
to serve him. Be genuine! That has been on my mind a lot lately. Life
is amazing!

 The work is good too. It has slowed down a little bit, but this week
we have plenty of free time to change that, so we are going to hit it
hard! Sister Borjas is so fun and I am grateful for her! She is a
really talented artist, and she likes to make comics of me and the
silly/hilarious stuff that comes out of my mouth sometimes haha. And
Zach came to church again!!! Whoooo! We get to take some girls out
this week with us that are leaving on their missions next week, so it
should be really fun! I remember doing that and what an example those
Sisters were to me, and I hope to be the same for them!

Sorry again that I don't have any really awesome or inspiring stories,
just been busy and trying to find people! The miracles I have seen
lately are small, but it is just another testament of God's love for
me and his children! Still loving Rupert. So excited for the summer!
That means more people outside that we can talk to :) Thank you all
for the love and support! I really appreciate it and feel your prayers
everyday! Keep on smiling!
Love, Sister Bigelow xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, May 25, 2015

I won't sugar coat it

Dear Family and Friends,
I am pretty sure I am serving in Seattle Washington. It hasn't stopped
raining for 10 days....and of course it just so happened to be the
week after I sent all my warm clothes home! Haha. What doesn't kill
you makes you stronger right? I am just so grateful for a warm car.
#tendermercies. Since we are missionaries, and are life doesn't get
exciting very often, we played a lot in the rain on our way to a from
appointments. It made the week a lot more enjoyable! Grateful for the

It was good week! Just a lot of routine missionary work. We contacted,
and taught, and visited the whole week. And we got a new
investigator!!! It is a part-member family, and so we are going to
start teaching the wife this week, so that was pretty exciting. The
bad news of the week....Corey moved! Across the river and to another
ward that we don't cover. It was really sad! You never realize how
attached you get to these people until they are gone. But he will
still get baptized, and that is what matters! We got to help them move
and it was a great experience. I love being able to serve people even
if it means getting drenched in the rain and moving heavy couches! It
is all the Lord's work and he wants us to reach out to his children no
matter what!

We also got to do more service and help some members pull weeds in a
lightning storm. It was a blast! And I realized that yardwork/cleaning
is actually a stress reliever for me. Who knew??? #OCDmaybe? haha. I
was just excited that I got to wear pants for a few hours. Kinda tired
of skirts. But it was wonderful. Rupert has grown on me and I love the
people here.

I got to speak in one of our wards this last Sunday. It went well I
think! I got up there, and I didn't even look once at the talk I had
prepared. The spirit told me to say something totally different. The
talk I had prepared  was all about the simple ways members could be
missionaries, but the spirit directed me to speak about being genuine,
building a relationship with our Savior and reaching out to people as
Christ would,  no matter who they are. Sometimes we as members think
we are better than everyone else because we have more money, or we
aren't making stupid choices, or whatever the case may be. But we need
to stop judging others and putting on this facade that we are perfect
and better than other people. I hate the fact that so many people we
work with have fallen away because someone was judgmental and didn't
give them a chance. Of course, that is their choice to let it offend
them, but we could do better and being a friend and not being fake to
people. Hopefully I wasn't too bold! I know I am guilty of this very
thing, but my mission has changed that. I have learned to see everyone
as a child of God and that everyone matters to him. And I feel really
strongly about it! I am grateful for opportunities to speak because my
testimony is always strengthened.

I wish I had some really awesome stories for you guys! But for now, we
are just wrapped up in the work of the Lord and trying to do what he
would have us do. I love my mission and everything about it. It is
HARD, I won't sugar-coat it. But it is the most fulfilling thing I
have ever done and the greatest happiness I have ever experienced.
Every time I get excited about going home, I just remember that this
is God's precious and sacred work, and I will never have a time in my
life again where I will be completely immersed in it. It is nice to
focus on the gospel and other people instead of bills, school, and
life. Things are good and I am happy! Thanks for all the love and
support! Miss you all. Have a wonderful week. Hurrah for Israel!
Love, Sister Bigelow