Monday, June 29, 2015

First day and 911

Dear Family and Friends,
And June is over....and there it went.....Seriously crazy week. I am
exhausted and so happy and loving life! Igot my new trainee this week!
Her name is Sister Rhiner and she isfrom a small town in Illinois. She
is 19 and straight from the MTC.
She is awesome and we have had so much fun together already! I have
gotten really lucky with both my trainees. She is super humble and is
always asking questions so she can learn and be a good missionary. I
love it! And it is helping me to stay focused and keep the fire. Life
is so good!

The first part of this week was spent getting Sister Borjas all packed
and ready to go! She is home in Kansas now and it is so crazy. My
transfer with her absolutely flew by. But she is on to bigger and
better things and I am happy for her! I went and picked up Sister
Rhiner on Wednesday and we went straight to work teaching and doing
service. I totally remember what it was like to be a brand new
missionary. So nervous all the time and it is so scary! But I hope
that I can be there for her and help her as much as possible.

Unfortunately my companion got really sick this last week. Probably
just new environment, stress, and exhaustion. On Thursday night at
dinner we were eating, and she just grabs my arm and says, "I don't
feel good, I can't see anything right now." She went completely white
and started hyperventilating, and going in and out of consciousness.
Luckily the member that we were with has a medical history, so she
grabbed all her tools. He blood pressure shot way up, the machine
wouldn't even register it, and her heart-rate dropped way low. I was
literally holding her on her chair and I just kept screaming "keep
your eyes open, stay with me!" It was so scary! We called 911 when her
heart-rate dropped, so the ambulance came and took care of her. She is
okay now, but it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I
just kept praying in my heart for her to be okay. I was in tears and
the member was in tears, but we were trying to stay calm. They said it
was a severe anxiety attack. She is okay and healthy now, but we took
it easy for a few days and I have been her mommy making sure she
drinks lots of water and stays cool. Poor thing, second day in! She is
a champ though, she stayed strong and has been happy as a clam ever
since. She is such an example to me. She was able to get a really
powerful priesthood blessing, and the whole experience helped me to
know that Heavenly Father is truly there and he hears and answers
prayers and comforts us in times of need. I was really shaken up, and
I definitely needed that comfort he gave to me. Hopefully it doesn't
happen again, and we will be blessed to be able to work hard and have

That was the excitement for this week! We had a really great District
meeting and we talked about the phrase, "If it is to be, it is up to
ME!" We talked about stories from the scriptures where they took
matters into their own hands and decided it was up to them and got
things done. It was a really great reminder, that if we are following
the Lord's plan, we can choose to be happy and we can choose to change
the world if we want to. Christ definitely had this mindset. He didn't
necessarily want to suffer and die for all of us. But he knew that it
had to be, so he had to do it, and he did it because he loves us. Can
you imagine if he just said that it wasn't up to him? We would be
nowhere without the Savior and his sacrifice for us. Really powerful

Our investigators are doing so good and progressing so well. Zack and
Brenden are on track for baptism is July. Super exciting! And we found
another really solid investigator this week named Celeste. Keep them
in you prayers! Summer is in full swing here and it has been really
hot! But I love being sweaty knowing that I am working hard and
helping other people. 4th of July is like the biggest deal in Rupert.
They have stuff going on in town all week leading up to it. We are
hoping to have lots of success maybe street contacting and talking to
people this week. Should be a good one! Thank you so much for all your
love and support. Happy 4th of July! Be safe!
Love, Sister Bigelow xoxoxoxox

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