Monday, June 15, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,
It has been a wonderful week! All I can say is that miracles happen! I
have a cool story for you this week:) ya know how we have been searching and searching for new
investigators?? Well this week the search was still on. A bunch of our
investigators and less-actives moved or are in the process of moving,
so we have been trying to build up our teaching pool again. So this
week we get a call from the YSA Elders. They were in our area giving
someone in the YSA ward a blessing. They saw a guy working in his
yard, and felt impressed that they needed to talk to him. So they did.
It turns out he is married, so they gave us his information and told
us to go back the next day and that he seemed kind of interested.
So we went back the next day when he said he would be home, and like
always nobody is home. Typical missionary life. I didn't think too
much of it, but we did keep trying. Every day for the whole week we
knocked on that door with no answer. So we finally left a note on
their door with our names and phone numbers. And of course no call
come through. So again, I didn't think too much about it. But after a
few days, I though of him again, so we tried again with no answer. So
we were just going to give up.
Then, we were praying. I was saying the prayer and I prayed that he
would call. And just as I said it, the phone rang, and it was him!!!!!
It was a total "Best 2 years" moment.
"Please bless him that he may call..."
"It's him!"
*Halleluja! Hallelujah!*
Hahahaha we were dying it was too funny! That never happens! It was
amazing and such a testimony builder for me of diligence and hard work
and blessings. We met with them and they are so prepared! He had just
been thinking about how now that he was a newlywed, that he wanted
religion for his family, and the next day the Elders showed up, and
that was his sign. So now both him and his wife are investigating and
they are amazing! Miracles happen!

That was pretty much the highlight of the week. Zach is doing good and
moving towards baptism, and we are just working on finding others.
Other than that, just lots and lots of weed pulling for people. I am
definitely a professional by now! Haha. I love it though, it is really
rewarding to help people with things they can't do themselves. We
taught a lot of less-actives this week too. It was just a good
missionary week! We heard a homecoming talk in one of our wards and it
was the first time that I thought...hmmmm maybe I should start
thinking about some experiences that I can share in mine! Kinda weird,
but really amazing to think back and reflect back on what an amazing
experience this has been.

I have been thinking a lot about Alma ch.5 where he is talking about
experiencing a change of heart and singing the song of redeeming love.
I love the questions, "Have you received his image in your
countenances? Have you stripped yourselves of pride and envy?" It is
just a good self-evaluation for all of us. A change of heart isn't
easy, but it comes as we are acting and becoming more as Christ is.
The Gospel is so simple and yet so wonderful!

Hope y'all had a great week and are enjoying the summertime. I know I
am! Thank you all for your love and support, and don't forget to have
faith and believe in miracles. God is watching over us! Love you!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Sister Bigelow

P.S. A really awesome member let us make these awesome Idaho shirts to
remember our missions by! So fun!

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