Monday, June 1, 2015

"You can rest later"

Dear Family and Friends,
The sun finally decided to come out! I am one happy California girl!
Haha. It was a great week. Really busy, and I think I have hit the
point of pure exhaustion, but just gotta keep going and finish strong!
Elder Holland says, "You can rest later!" Onward ever onward!

We had a zone conference this week, and it was really good! All about
continuing to experience a change of heart, and teaching as the Savior
would. It really helped me to focus back on my purpose and really
acting as the Savior would. A lot of times, I just get into the
routine. I know the lessons because I have studied and taught them a
million times, but I really need to be prepared and pray specifically
for the people I teach and what they need. It was a good reminder to
not lose sight of what is most important, and that is the love that I
share with those around me. Jesus Christ is such an amazing example 
and I am thankful for him.
We also got to go to the temple!!!! Best kind of days. I was able to
really ponder and receive a lot of the inspiration and peace that I
needed. The temple is truly a gift and I love it so much. And I ate at
Taco Bell for the first time on my mission! Haha. Good times.

We got to do a lot of service this week! Everything from pulling
weeds, to dishes, to planting flowers. It was wonderful. I really have
found so much joy as I have been able to serve others even in the
little things. This week a member told me that just by simply
listening to her and her struggles, and being inspired in my response
meant the world to her, and I am thankful that Heavenly Father can use
me as his instrument to bless others around me. Those are the happiest
moments on my mission, and that is truly what this gospel and what
this life is all about. Helping all of God's children around us, and
not just because we have to, but because we love Jesus Christ and want
to serve him. Be genuine! That has been on my mind a lot lately. Life
is amazing!

 The work is good too. It has slowed down a little bit, but this week
we have plenty of free time to change that, so we are going to hit it
hard! Sister Borjas is so fun and I am grateful for her! She is a
really talented artist, and she likes to make comics of me and the
silly/hilarious stuff that comes out of my mouth sometimes haha. And
Zach came to church again!!! Whoooo! We get to take some girls out
this week with us that are leaving on their missions next week, so it
should be really fun! I remember doing that and what an example those
Sisters were to me, and I hope to be the same for them!

Sorry again that I don't have any really awesome or inspiring stories,
just been busy and trying to find people! The miracles I have seen
lately are small, but it is just another testament of God's love for
me and his children! Still loving Rupert. So excited for the summer!
That means more people outside that we can talk to :) Thank you all
for the love and support! I really appreciate it and feel your prayers
everyday! Keep on smiling!
Love, Sister Bigelow xoxoxoxoxo

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