Monday, May 25, 2015

I won't sugar coat it

Dear Family and Friends,
I am pretty sure I am serving in Seattle Washington. It hasn't stopped
raining for 10 days....and of course it just so happened to be the
week after I sent all my warm clothes home! Haha. What doesn't kill
you makes you stronger right? I am just so grateful for a warm car.
#tendermercies. Since we are missionaries, and are life doesn't get
exciting very often, we played a lot in the rain on our way to a from
appointments. It made the week a lot more enjoyable! Grateful for the

It was good week! Just a lot of routine missionary work. We contacted,
and taught, and visited the whole week. And we got a new
investigator!!! It is a part-member family, and so we are going to
start teaching the wife this week, so that was pretty exciting. The
bad news of the week....Corey moved! Across the river and to another
ward that we don't cover. It was really sad! You never realize how
attached you get to these people until they are gone. But he will
still get baptized, and that is what matters! We got to help them move
and it was a great experience. I love being able to serve people even
if it means getting drenched in the rain and moving heavy couches! It
is all the Lord's work and he wants us to reach out to his children no
matter what!

We also got to do more service and help some members pull weeds in a
lightning storm. It was a blast! And I realized that yardwork/cleaning
is actually a stress reliever for me. Who knew??? #OCDmaybe? haha. I
was just excited that I got to wear pants for a few hours. Kinda tired
of skirts. But it was wonderful. Rupert has grown on me and I love the
people here.

I got to speak in one of our wards this last Sunday. It went well I
think! I got up there, and I didn't even look once at the talk I had
prepared. The spirit told me to say something totally different. The
talk I had prepared  was all about the simple ways members could be
missionaries, but the spirit directed me to speak about being genuine,
building a relationship with our Savior and reaching out to people as
Christ would,  no matter who they are. Sometimes we as members think
we are better than everyone else because we have more money, or we
aren't making stupid choices, or whatever the case may be. But we need
to stop judging others and putting on this facade that we are perfect
and better than other people. I hate the fact that so many people we
work with have fallen away because someone was judgmental and didn't
give them a chance. Of course, that is their choice to let it offend
them, but we could do better and being a friend and not being fake to
people. Hopefully I wasn't too bold! I know I am guilty of this very
thing, but my mission has changed that. I have learned to see everyone
as a child of God and that everyone matters to him. And I feel really
strongly about it! I am grateful for opportunities to speak because my
testimony is always strengthened.

I wish I had some really awesome stories for you guys! But for now, we
are just wrapped up in the work of the Lord and trying to do what he
would have us do. I love my mission and everything about it. It is
HARD, I won't sugar-coat it. But it is the most fulfilling thing I
have ever done and the greatest happiness I have ever experienced.
Every time I get excited about going home, I just remember that this
is God's precious and sacred work, and I will never have a time in my
life again where I will be completely immersed in it. It is nice to
focus on the gospel and other people instead of bills, school, and
life. Things are good and I am happy! Thanks for all the love and
support! Miss you all. Have a wonderful week. Hurrah for Israel!
Love, Sister Bigelow

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