Monday, May 18, 2015

Sister Borjas!

Dear Family and Friends,
Another transfer come and gone. 12 more weeks to go! I think time is
on hyper speed haha. I have a new companion, Sister Borjas! She is
from Kansas and is really fun. Our interests are really different, so
I am learning a lot from her. That is my favorite part about
companions, is how much you get to learn and love. :) She is great and
we have been having a good time so far! She goes home in 5 weeks so I
will only get her for 1 transfer! Sad day. I always love transfer time
though because it is a time to turn over a new leaf and to recommit
myself to work even harder and to be even better!

We had a great week! Really hard to see Sister Kentner go. We got so
close and I loved her so much! I might have cried when she left me
haha. But things are still wonderful. We are busy and life is good!
Brother Cantu got baptized this last weekend and it was amazing! Best
part is, the Robinson's are related to him, so I got to see and catch
up with my favorite mission family! It was the best. I love seeing
people come into the fold and embrace it. I love the faith that these
converts have! It is truly an amazing work.

Corey and Zach are still progressing really well! Zach came to church
this week and even volunteered to give the prayer in Sunday school! I
love that kid! His desire to learn about and follow Christ in
incredible and such an example to me. We haven't got any new
investigators this week, but we are still searching! I have really
enjoyed just getting to know the wards better and helping them to see
the blessings of missionary work. Everyone is like, "You're still
here???" Haha. Hopefully that's a good thing! They are so happy that I
am still here that they even assigned me to speak next week in
sacrament meeting! Haha. Good times.

I love Rupert and I am happy that I am still here. I love the people
and didn't realize how attached I was to them. Our favorite Sister
Faux"s daughter came home from her mission in Africa this week. Her
homecoming talk was AMAZING! And it makes me so grateful to be in
Idaho. No electricity or any of the modern conveniences we have. We
are so blessed to live in America. I am so thankful that on my
mission, we get to focus a ton of the people instead of adjusting to a
whole new lifestyle or language! She talked a lot about the Atonement,
and how she saw that work miracles in the people in Africa who had
absolutely nothing. It made me more thankful and made me not want to
complain ever again! She talked about if we have seen the power of
Christ's Atonement in our lives, then why the heck wouldn't we shout
it from the rooftops? Good point! His love is so powerful and the
world needs to know!

It was a good week! It rained all week which I guess is good because
we need it. I have been praying that some of it would be sent to
California:) I am so thankful for the spirits guidance and Heavenly
Father's hand in my life. He is always there if we will just seek and
ask! Thanks for all the love and support! Have a wonderful week. I
love you all!
Love, Sister Bigelow

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