Monday, March 16, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,
This week was a good one! I am pretty sure the time is on hyper-speed.
It just keeps going faster and faster and I am loving every minute of
Monday- Best P-day of my life. We got to go golfing!!!!! It was the
first time in like 2 years so it was pretty exciting. Our entire zone
went to the driving range. It was a beautiful day, and I was surprised
at how fast my golf skills came back. Everyone wanted me to teach them
haha. It was the best! That night, we had an awesome Family home
evening with a less-active family. Great day!

Tuesday-Super productive missionary day! We had a district meeting in
the morning where we learned more about working with members and our
ward councils. Then we went out in the afternoon with Sister Dayley.
She is a member in the 2nd ward and she is incredible. She is a cancer
survivor, and she has so many health issues, but she is always willing
to come help us and do missionary work! The poor woman had surgery a
week ago, and she still took us out to do visits. I admire her and her
family so much, and they have become like family to us. She took us to
meet all of her less-active sisters that she visit-teaches. And we
have return appointments with all of them to either do service for
them, or to start teaching them! It was amazing!
We also got to go out with Sister Hemsley that night. She is another
amazing member. She took us to a lesson with a part-member family that
we just started teaching, and the lesson went really well! New
investigator!!! WHooooo!!!! Sister Hemsley always also feeds us ice
cream when we have bad days:) I love her! That night we had our 2nd
ward relief society birthday dinner. It was cool because one of our
less-actives was in charge of making all the food, and so her and her
family were there! It was all focused on the temple and the blessings
that come from attending the temple. They showed a cute little video
with everyone in the wards wedding pictures. It was a good little
reminder for me of where I am headed and what my goal is. Oh and I
also got sunburned today! Yay!! It was a beatiful day and we were able
to walk a lot. So happy that the sun is shining:)
Wednesday-We had exchanges, and I was able to be with Sister Taguba!
Sister Pohahau trained her and so it was fun to see her. I got to ride
a bike, and it was so much fun! I forgot that I actually really miss
biking, it is a great workout and it is really fun. We just rode our
bikes, and contacted people all day. Sister Taguba is an amazing
missionary and I learned so much from her about hard-work, diligence,
and humility.

Thursday-Weekly planning day! We planned for the whole afternoon, and
headed off to appointments that night. We met with one of our
investigators, Cory, and we were finally able to set a baptismal date
with him!!! He has been listening to the Book of Mormon while he
drives truck and he said that it has changed his life. He said, "It is
a wonderful feeling to have Jesus in my life." So simple, but so true.
So excited! We are starting to see some miracles happen. We taught our
Book of Mormon class as well tonight.Not many people come, so we
decided that we are going to make flyers and raid the entire town of
Rupert so that we all can enjoy the Book of Mormon!

Friday-I got to go on exchanges in Burley with Sister Pohahau! It was
amazing! I love that girl so much. I am so blessed and grateful to
have been her companion and to still be really close with her. We just
contacted people all afternoon. Our dinner was at her ward mission
leaders house, and Sister Pohahau made us a traditional Tongan dish
called loco-moco. It is rice topped with a fried egg, spam, pineapple,
and gravy. It was actually really good, and I enjoyed trying something
new and authentic. Then we had the weirdest night I think I have ever
We knocked on a door to contact someone, and he opened the door
completely naked, and to add on to the weirdness, his dog peed all
over my leg haha. The next person we contacted was totally drunk and
he kept telling me how beautiful my legs were. We got out of there
real fast haha. And our whole night consisted of really weird
experiences. I guess that is just the mission life! We had a great
laugh about it all. It was a really fun day!

Saturday-the usual get stuff done/meeing day. The best part of the day
was that Joey got baptized!!! Do you remember Joey? WE is the one we
found awhile back, but we lost his ward to some Elders? So it wasn't
our baptism, but we got to go support him and it was amazing to see
the progress he had made. That night we had our adult session of stake
conference. They talked all about the importance of councils, and
something that stood out to me was the importance of family councils.
It definitely gave me some good ideas of what I want in my future
Sunday- We had stake conference! And Sister Kentner and I were able to
participate in the choir. It was a lot of fun! There were all sorts of
topics;enduring trials. family history, women in the church, the Book
of Mormon, the 2nd coming, and Jospeh Smith. But the overall theme of
all those talks was the joys that come in an etnernal family. They
talked about how reading the Book of Mormon together as a family will
bring joy, and that we need to prepare with our families for the 2nd
coming. They talked about how we all need to be doing family history
together because family history is all about making families eternal.
It was really cool! I just realized how it is so important for me to
prepare now for my own eternal family.
The rest of the day was spent making visits and appointments with some
less-active families. It was wonderful!
I am so grateful for the amazing week that we had and for all the
miracles we were able to see. We were also able to meet a TON of new
people, mostly part-member families, and set up appointments with
them. It was definitely a successful week. I am so grateful to be here
as a missionary. and to be serving, It is the greatest calling in the
world. Thank you all for the love and support! Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Bigelow xoxoxoxoxo

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