Monday, March 30, 2015

When in doubt....PRAY

Dear Family and Friends,
Another transfer has come and gone! Luckily Sister Kentner and I get
to stay in Rupert for another transfer as Sister training leaders. So
happy! I love her, and I love Rupert, so basically I am just living
the dream. This means I have 3 transfers left........can't even
believe it. I am excited to keep working and being a missionary and to
sprint to the finish line!

Monday-Good p-day! We went to a members house with our zone, and
played volleyball. They had a court inside their house, it was
awesome! That night we had a lesson with the Mussaw's (less-active
family), and we taught the plan of salvation. We had a really great
discussion about how Christ is the center of the plan and we can't
make it back without using His Atonement. Really amazing lesson. And
the best part is, they have been back to church 4 Sunday's in a row!
So awesome!

Tuesday-District meeting! Our last one of the transfer. The focus was
finding through members, and we talked about a lot of ways that we
could help our members, it was awesome! Also there is a new Easter
initiative that the church is doing. It is a 2-minute video about the
hope we have because of Christ's Resurrection. It is AMAZING and is so
powerful. We have special pass-along cards, and we are supposed to
share it with everyone. If you haven't watched it, watch it right now!
Here is the link: :)
For our district lunch, we all came back to our members house and
cooked a big breakfast for lunch. Super fun! I also got to go on
another exchange with Sister Pohahau. Long story short, some sisters
had to go home, and so there was a few emergency transfers, so Sister
Pohahau got a new companion, and she hadn't been on exchanges yet that
transfer, so we got to go on another one! We were in Rupert, and we
got to meet with our recent convert Lori who is finally coming back to
church. She has been through so much, but she is so strong, and it has
been amazing to work with her. Super awesome day!

Wednesday-Exchanges with Sister Ramsey! Another dream exchange. She
goes home on Thursday! So crazy! We had an awesome last exchange. We
were in her area in Burley and so we just walked and worked all day
long! I love that girl so much! She has been there for me always, and
she is really like the older sister I've never had. We had a really
great conversation about the kind of person we want to be when we get
home, and we set some goals of things we are going to change and make
better after the mission. It was awesome! Miracle of the day:So Sister
Ramsey was in charge of the keys, but normally her companion is, so we
forgot the keys and locked ourselves out, but the landlord was able to
let us back in. Then we got the keys and left again, and Sister Ramsey
had the keys in her hands the whole time so she wouldn't lose them. We
came home to drop some stuff off, and the house key was not on the
ring. So we backtracked and looked everywhere on the sidewalks and in
the street. No luck, and then I had this overwhelming feeling come
over me...."when in doubt....PRAY" So we stopped right there and said
a prayer. Right after that, we went to a members house to use the
bathroom and Sister Ramsey was searching through her bag, and there
the keys appeared! The keys were NEVER once in her bag that day, it
was so amazing! We had the faith and we relied on Heavenly Father and
he answered our prayers. I have never had a missing key found story,
but it was pretty awesome!

Thursday-Weekly planning day! We had a lot of appointments with some
less-actives we just met, and they went really well! We had our Book
of Mormon class as well, still not a lot of people show up, but the
ones that do love it, and I love any extra time I can get to study the
scriptures. We studied in Alma 25-26. Super awesome missionary
chapters! Alma 26:27- "Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were
about the turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said:Go
amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine
afflictions, and I will give you success." So amazing to know that He
is always there, and we can rely on him. We just gotta endure this
life and he will bless us so much!

Friday-Mission Leadership council! Our meeting went from 8am-4pm.
Really long day, but really awesome meeting. Our focus for this month
that we will train the missionaries on is improving our contacting
skills with sharing the new "Because He Lives" initiative. I am
excited to renew and refresh my contacting skills and to be able to
focus on talking to everyone around me. It is really easy to lose the
"missionary fire" sometimes because you are so used to doing it by
now. But it is important to always be learning and applying and
improving everyday, and to stay enthusiastic about the work. That
night we had the most amazing lesson with Corey. He has changed so
much and he is so passionate about the gospel! He is working on word
of wisdom issues, but he has this absolute knowledge that God will
help him overcome his addictions. It was a powerful lesson, and we are
excited for his baptism at the end of this month!

Saturday-Progress records and correlating! Lots of paperwork. But the
best part was the women's meeting! I LOVED how focused it was on the
family and strengthening the family. It made me really excited to
apply all those things into my own future family. I love how they
talked about being a mother or a father as the most important role in
this life. Some of my favorite quotes:
-Do not bury your testimony. Hold onto the truth and light you already
have, and learn to listen to His voice.
-Our duty as daughters of God is not only to learn from our own trials
and challenges but to learn as we help others through theirs.
-Life rarely goes as we have planned.....but if it is the Lord's plan,
it should be our plan.
-The Lord needs us to be brave, steadfast, and immovable warriors in
defending the family.
-Peace will never leave us as we serve others.

Sunday- It was a great Sunday! We got to teach the 5th Sunday
discussion in 4th ward. They asked us to teach about missionary work,
but instead of making them all feel guilty and trying to get them to
do missionary work, we took the approach of what they could do in
their lives to be more in tune with the spirit so that they could be
prompted. We talked about having a willing heart and being ready to
respond to promptings. Missionary work is not this separate thing that
we do that takes a bunch of time and effort, but it is a part of our
everyday lives. Missionary work is going about doing good, and
following the spirit, and simply just reaching out to people. It is
really simple, and I am determined to be one of these members when I
am not a missionary anymore. This is the Lord's work, and we can't
expect to do it without him. Get on your knees and ask for the heavens
to be opened and the opportunities will come, I promise. It is amazing
to be a member of the church, and we need to reach out and share the
Quote from church:"If you give Satan one inch, he will become your ruler."

It was a great week and I am excited for this Easter week and for
conference! Remember how important it is to really listen, because we
are literally receiving counsel from our Father in Heaven. Hope
everyone has a great Easter! Remember Christ and His sacrifice for
you, and remember the hope and peace that comes from his Resurrection.
I love you all! Happy Spring!

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