Monday, April 13, 2015

Hi Cori, I'm Corey

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was a wonderful one! I fell asleep praying not once but
twice this week, so that tells you just how awesome it was haha. This
is the good life!

This week I was feeling good and so we got to get so much done! We
made a list of people to contact that either the wards wanted us to go
see or that we felt inspired to go see. We were out everyday talking
to people, knocking on doors, and meeting lots of new people. I love
weeks like this where there are no meetings, or other distractions and
when we can just work. Nothing super miraculous happened, and we
didn't find any new investigators yet, but we set up lot of
appointments and are excited for the future! I have seen lots of
little miracles everyday and I am thankful for the Lord's hand in my

We also got to be in lots of members homes this week. I love spending
time with members because I learn so much from them and get ideas of
the type of member I want to be or don't want to be. We have been
trying to do what Elder Ballard told us to do and that was to teach
the Restoration of all members of our wards, and commit them to set a
date of when they could have someone in their home to be taught. We
were able to be in members homes teaching every night this week. And
we are seeing some awesome changes! People are really starting to
think about their friends and coworkers that they could share with.
Things are definitely getting better in this area, it is awesome!

I got to go on exchanges with Sister Borjas this week. She is from
Kansas and really awesome! We were in Rupert contacting people in the
rain and it was a blast. We ate dinner with the Hale family(one of my
favorite's) and they told me I have to come back and they will
indoctrinate me on all things nerd (star trek and things of that
nature)  haha. Love them!

Corey is doing good and is still progressing. He found out my name was
Corinne and he was like, "Do you go by Cori?? Hi Cori, I'm Corey! "
And he was so excited that I had the same name as him sort-of. Haha.
He is so awesome and I love that he is embracing the gospel. Best
feeling in the world!

We also got fed lobster this week by the Heuston's, another awesome
family we are working with. SO GOOD!!!  We call our mission
#countryclubmission. I feel so blessed and spoiled all the time.
Grateful for the people here. Also a lady we have been teaching who
lost her membership in the church, was able to be re-baptized this
weekend! It was so amazing! I have so enjoyed teaching her and seeing
her embrace the gospel again has been incredible. So happy for her and
her family. :)

I have been reading through the Book of Mormon again the last few
months. My goal is to read it 5 times on my mission and I am almost
done with number 4. I have been reading in Mormon and it amazes me
that no matter how many times God blesses the Nephites, they continue
to harden their hearts. It just reminds me of the happiness and peace
that living the commandments and the gospel brings. Grateful for my

Life is good and finally spring is here! So so happy. I have been
eating healthier and exercising and I feel good. I love being a
missionary so much. Most fulfilling and wonderful thing I have ever
done. Love you all so much! Thanks for all the love and support. Y'all
are the best. Keep on smiling! :)

Favorite quote of the week: *Explaining to some teenagers about what
happened in the sacred grove when the adversary overcame Joseph Smith
before God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him*
Girl-"Oh I get it now! Well why didn't they just put all that in the movie?"
Her Brother-"You can't just film the devil on the camera!" Haha #dying.
Love, Sister Bigelow

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