Monday, March 3, 2014

Chobani overdose and a door slam

Dear Family and Friends,

I am just so happy! Mission life is the good life. How is everyone? I miss y'all! And it is time you guys send me some mail cause I haven't gotten any for the last two weeks....and the only person who emailed me was my mom. #needsomelovin #sisterramseygetsmaileveryday #loveyoumom. Haha. I know you all have busy lives, so I totally understand! Just guilt tripping you all. :)

 So we had a really good week! We were super busy and we are enjoying every minute of it. Out investigators are doing so well and they are all progressing. And guess what? Nancy finally came to church!!! We are so proud of her. She is doing so well and she expressed her love for the Book of Mormon and that she knows this Gospel is true. #bestfeelingever. Also we are getting ready for our girl Kellie's baptism coming up on SATURDAY!!! She is stoked and gets emotional every time we talk about it. It is incredible. In my mission call it says, "More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children." This could not be more true. The joy that you feel when someone excepts the Gospel of Jesus Christ is like no other. I am definitely starting to fall in love with Idaho, with its people, and with my mission. 

Another Kellie quote:  At church "Damien(her son), stop killing deer in the house of God!!!" (referring to an iPhone game). Hehe #dying. That girl is a hoot.

We had exchanges this week. I stayed here in Twin and Sister Ramsey went over to Rupert. I was with Sister Buckhoff for the day. She has been out 14 months and is a super awesome missionary! It was weird for me to be the one in charge for the day. But it was cool! I missed my companion though. We have never been separated and it was different but it was fun to learn from someone different. Transfers are coming up this week and we haven't heard anything yet about us being moved so keep that in your prayers because there is so much more work to do here! 

Also this week in District meeting, our District leader challenged us to knock 10 doors a day. I have come to love tracting. When I first got here, I dreaded the slow afternoons because I knew we would have to knock doors, but it really is so much fun! This week we had A LOT of interesting experiences with that. The first door we knocked on let us in. She was a woman that just moved here from Iran. She barely spoke a work of English but we could communicate through a few different words. Then she went into her kitchen and brought out a CRAP ton of Chobani yogurt. She said "Eat. Eat!!!" So we ate the yogurt. And she kept telling us to eat more and more. Holy cow. I have never been so full in my life. And then we had dinner right after. I was dying. Seriously I was like what is my life? I am sitting on a strangers couch who barely speaks any English eating tons of yogurt. #missionlife. 

I also had my first door slam! Some members that we had dinner with told us that their neighbors were really old and dying and that they might be interested. So we knocked on their door. An old woman answers it and she is ANGRY. She was yelling hysterically and cussing at us and just so mad. I have never seen anyone EVER be so angry at nothing. I was kind of in shock at first. Haha. It is just so sad that she was just so angry! So we pray for her.But we also got a new investigator from tracting this week! There is goos and bad that comes from it. And you just have to laugh at the bad:)

Anyways, I am just loving it here. I am reminded everyday that the Lord's hand is in every detail. It is so amazing with all the experiences I have had because it just shows me that I am supposed to be here and that the Lord needs me here. I love this Gospel with all my heart. I love my mission. And I love you all. Have an amazing week I love being here. Thank you for all your love and support. God is good. The Gospel is so true. Sending my love. 

xoxo, Sista Bigs

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