Monday, March 24, 2014

Legs of Steel

Dear Family and Friends!

What an awesome week! Serving in Twin has its perks! The members are so great and they just never stop feeding us. They pay for our food and we are LOVING it! I feel so blessed to be here! How is everyone doing? It is great to get letters and emails! I feel the love!! Y'all are so great and so supportive, I couldn't be any happier:)

All I have to say is BIKES. They finally took the car. They gave us 2 matching beach cruisers. What the what?? Yeah beach cruisers.  Those things SUCK for long distance and speed. Plus the fact that I haven't ridden a bike in forever doesn't help at all. That first day on bikes was rough. Also, the wind here in Idaho is always blowing and always working against us.#thestruggleisreal Sister Ramsey and I just sing to get our minds off how hard it is. W just have to laugh at how funny this is. We are riding against the wind in skirts that keep blowing up, on our beach cruisers, just belting our little hearts out. Members pass by in cars and they just laugh at us haha. I have to say it is pretty hysterical. Blessing of the week: Our District leader and his companion can't ride bikes because one of them has knee problems, so they are letting us borrow their super fast mountain bikes!!! They are SO much better and faster. I am still getting into shape! By the end of my mission I will have legs of steel. I am grateful for the nice weather Twin has been having and for our bikes! Once you get past the butt soreness, it is so fun! 

We had a good week overall! Still just teaching and meeting lots of people. Our investigators are all doing so great! Kellie is doing awesome! This week, we are going to do some family history with her so we can go to the temple to do baptisms with her! We are really excited about that. Also remember how in my last letter, I was telling you about how she told her neighbor Jake about the church? Well he is incredible. We barely just started teaching him a week ago and he is changing his life. He talks about how happy he is and how he notices the difference in his life. He texts us everyday asking us for a scripture to read and asking us so many questions. He says that he is just "thirsting for the truth, and wants more, more, more." It is awesome. So on Friday we set a baptismal date for him for April 26th and he said yes. And then, last night, he was texting us asking us questions about the scriptures and telling us about how much he loved church. And out of nowhere, he just texts us and says, "So can I get baptized before April 26th? I just really need to do it cause I want these blessings and I have already repented and everything." You should have seen Sister Ramsey and I! We were screaming and jumping up and down. Those are the kind of moments that you LIVE for as a missionary. Of Course you can get baptized sooner!!! He is so awesome and so ready! It amazes me everyday how the Lord is preparing people to hear this message. I am so grateful for the miracles like that, that I see everyday. I can't explain how amazing it is, but all I know is that I love it and I am so grateful! 

Life is just good. Conference is coming up, we have a few baptisms coming up, we have a temple trip coming up, the weather is getting warmer, and there is so much work! Sister Ramsey and I have a goal to be PERFECT! We want to be exactly obedient because there are so many good things happening. We know that if we do our part, the Lord will bless us and allow peoples hearts to soften and all that good stuff. Things are just great and I am so happy. Happier than I ever have been in my life. I love this Gospel and I am so grateful to be part of the Lord's work and on his errand. Thank you all for your support and love. I feel it everyday. Have a great week, I know I will! :) Love you all to the moon and back. Sending my love. 

Love, Sista Bigs

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