Monday, March 10, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,
I can't believe the transfer is already over! 6 weeks just FLEW!!!!! The good news is that Sister Ramsey and I are staying together in this area for the next transfer. We are really happy because there is so much work to be done and we have met so many amazing people! I am definitely so blessed and so grateful to be where the Lord needs me. 

So this week was pretty much the best. MY FIRST BAPTISM. It was incredible. I can't even put into word that Spirit that I felt. Kellie is just an amazing lady with an even more incredible story. She came from the worst of circumstances and has just completely changed her life. The love that I have for not only her, but for these people is nothing like I have ever felt. It is a Christlike love that comes purely from wanting the best kind of happiness for someone. Our Bishop, Bishop Kear baptized her and he was super emotional. We were waiting for Kellie with her towel in the bathroom and the first thing she did was grabbed me and just hugged me and was crying and she was so happy. I cried and we all cried and it was the most wonderful feeling. I ended up being soaking wet for the rest of the night though. :) #worthit. There were also 9 nonmembers at her baptism and they all loved it! AHHHH!!! It was so amazing. It just reminded me of why I am here and all the bad things, frustrations, and hard days didn't seem to matter. It is something I will never forget. I am so grateful for Kellie and for her example to me. She embraces every part of the Gospel and is just so excited about it. Because of her example, we are now teaching Kellie's neighbor!!! He is a single dad of 2 girls and is so great! He wanted to meet with us because of "the amazing things it has done for Kellie." So awesome! #yougogirl

Kellie Quote: "Wait....Did he just say this was a stake center? There's beef in here??" #dying

We also had some other awesome things happen. We invited 3 of our investigators, Amanda, Cody, and Ryanne to be baptized and they all said yes! Whooo!!! So hopefully we will have some more baptisms soon. We met some amazing people and got 4 new investigators this week from just talking to people on the street. One of them is Reba. She is a 50 year old lady with so much Spirit and energy. She is a hoot and so hilarious. We just adore her and are so excited to be teaching her. Nancy was at church again and is progressing so well! All of our investigators are just doing amazing. There are miracles happening here and I am honored to be a part of it all. 

This week we ran into yogurt lady again. Haha. She invited us in for more yogurt. We got some more door slams. But I just love meeting new people and it is so cool to hear peoples stories. It is true what they say. The amazing experiences you have and the people that you meet just block out all the door slams, and slow days, and everything else. Okay and people are starting to find out that I play the piano and I get asked A LOT to play. It is a good thing, because it is only making me better. #shouldhavelistenedtomomandpracticed. :) I am grateful for that opportunity that I get to share my talents and to become better. The weather here has been so nice. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and sunny! Us girls from the coast were loving it. But today it is miserable. The winds are at 60mph. Semi trucks are literally being blown over. Power outages are happening everywhere and everything is getting blown away. It is crazy! #thankgoodnesswestillhavethecar :) People are still feeding us so well and they are so good to us. People just pay for our meals if we ever go out. This week after District meeting, the 8 of us went to Sushi to celebrate. And someone paid for ALL of us!! That had to be like 200 dollars worth of Sushi.#fatties As cool as it would have been to go to another country and experience another culture, I am just so blessed to be here. This is where the Lord need me and we are so spoiled here. Definitely can't ever complain:) 

Mission life is good. I am happy and the work is great. I am still adjusting and learning how everything works. I will get into my groove one of these days. :) We also had a really awesome women's conference this weekend about having a Christ Centered Home. There were a ton of workshops and speakers and it was SO GOOD. You would have loved it mom. I was thinking about you the whole time! I am STOKED for conference coming up. It will be amazing. I have been here for 2 months and I am amazed everyday at how much I have learned and grown and how much the Lord is playing a role in my life. The Gospel is true you guys. And there is no greater knowledge or happiness you can have. One thing that has brought me a lot of comfort is that in my patriarchal blessing when it is talking about missionary work, my favorite line is, "You can be His angel to bless those around you." That is amazing. The Lord has so much in store for me and He knows my potential and I just have to keep trusting and 
having faith in that:)

I hope everyone is doing well! Thank you for all the support and the love. I feel so blessed to be here and I am learning everyday that it is a privilege. I love you all so much! Also if you have time read Alma Chapter 26. So much good stuff in there. I love the scriptures. I love this Gospel. I love the Lord. And I love you all. Keep being awesome! Wouldn't be here without all your love and support. Have a great week. Much love. 

xoxoxoxo Sister Bigs

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