Monday, April 28, 2014

Transfered to the other side of Twin

Dear Family and Friends!

I had a really awesome week. Our investigators are finally doing better and things are starting to look up! Sister Ramsey and I had a really fun week. We had an awesome ward party and it was just lovely. Sad news of the week:I am getting transferred:((((( I am staying in Twin, just headed over to the other Stake. My new companion is Sister Nieto and she is really nice. I will officially transfer on Wednesday so I have a few more days to say bye to my people. I am excited for this new adventure, but really sad to be leaving my first area especially when things are starting to happen here, and because I have gotten so close to these people! Also my current area is taking on another ward so we got a car again! but I just found out my new area is a bike area haha. #HeavenlyFatherisrealfunny. Anyways, I know that the Lord has a plan for me and I am leaving for a reason! I just have to trust in that and have faith that there are people who need me somewhere else:)

So this week we had a lot of really awesome lessons! That was our goal, was to have more powerful lessons so that our investigators could feel Spirit and progress. It was really awesome! When you really study and pray for the people, it is incredible how much Heavenly Father helps you and allows them to feel the Spirit. This week was my first talk in Sacrament meeting as a missionary! Bishop Kear called us Saturday and asked us to speak about.....drum roll please.....MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!!! Didn't see that one coming. #favoritetopic #peoplearesickofhearingaboutit. We didn't really have time to prepare so I was really nervous, but as soon as I got up there, I just started speaking and the words flowed and I could feel the Spirit directing me! I just talked about the ways in which to become a successful member missionary; striving to have the spirit, aquiring humility, loving people and having charity, and opening your mouths. I shared a few experiences and I really felt good about it! Sister Ramsey did awesome as well!!!:) Since I finished the Book of Mormon I have started the new Testament and I am loving it. I shared a story from Matthew chapter 8 about the centurion. The Lord heals him of his sickness even though he didn't feel worthy because of his faith. I was thinking about that and faith. Do we have enough faith to share the Gospel? Do we have enough faith that God will help us? It really just hit me, that Christ is just so ready to bless and forgive and all he asks of us is to obey his commandments and rescue his lost sheep. So the message of the week; HAVE FAITH!!!

We had a ward party this week that we organized. The ward got rid of the activities committee and NEVER has activities and those are the best missionary opportunities where people can invite their friends to something casual. So we just had a simple potluck social and it went really well! A few of our investigators and less actives came. Someone brought a friend who is really interested and so Sister Ramsey and her new companion will start teaching her so that was exciting! And dude, I just LOVE our Bishop and his family. He is a young guy and super funny and just really looks out for us Sisters. His wife is an RM and is just the cutest and always takes good care of us. We were telling them that we are so poor we can't afford healthy food and we are gaining weight, and that night, they show up at our apartments with bags and bags full of fruits and veggies! I just love them. They are taking us roller skating tonight as a goodbye. I will miss them dearly. They have become our home away from home and I am so grateful for them! 

I am just so happy to be here and to be a part of this work! This week was just great and I could just go on and on about it! Thank y'all for all love and support. I will let you know next week how everything is going and how the new area is! Exciting! I hope you all have a great week. Sending my love. 

Sister Bigs

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