Monday, May 19, 2014

3 Square Miles

Dear Friends and Family,

What a week it has been! Can you believe transfers are already halfway over? Crazy!! I am finally starting to get to know this area and the people here. Also the weather is finally warming up! The sunshine just makes me happy and I love to be out biking and working:) This week was okay! We didn't have a lot of success, but we are focusing on the good and really trying to come up with new ideas to help the work move forward! It is hard to stay busy and we aren't supposed to tract in this area because it is so small. If we tracted out the whole area, and knocked every door, they would have to close the area, so we are trying to avoid that! Our area is 3 square miles, so it is tiny! But we have been teaching members the lesson of the Restoration to get them excited and to teach them how to be missionaries. Since this ward is so wealthy, it seems that everyone is always "too busy" to be a missionary, So we feel that working through the members and getting them excited is the key to success:)

Church yesterday was the best. A couple from our ward just got back from their mission to Puerto Rico and so they spoke in Sacrament meeting. It was so powerful and I cried like a baby because the Spirit was just so strong. They testified of the hardships of missionary work and sharing the Gospel, but the blessings and miracles that come from it. It was amazing. We also got to teach Gospel Principles for the second week in a row with no notice! #missionprobs The awesome thing about it though is that both times we were asked to teach last minute, I felt super prepared and not nervous at all and I know that is because being a missionary has gotten me out of my comfort zone and really prepared me for things like that. We had a really great lesson about repentance and it didn't even seem like we didn't know what we were doing! #thankstothespirit We also had a powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon in Relief Society. Our investigator Karen was there and it really touched her. She is now reading the Book of Mormon and loves it! 

This week we also had dinner with a lady named Sister Jones who just got back from a trip to Africa. Her son started an orphanage over there, so she went to go help out. She was sharing these incredible stories and how she got to share the Gospel so much over there. When she was talking about it I was like, "All I want to do is go to Africa." Haha. It sounded like an amazing experience to be able to help out over there and share the Gospel in the process. The longer I am here, I have such a strong desire to serve. I love to serve. There is no greater feeling or anything more rewarding than serving Heavenly Fathers children. We got the opportunity to do some service this week and it is my favorite. There truly is nothing better or more important I could be doing. This is an amazing opportunity I have and it is a privilege to be here and I am so grateful for that:)

Even though it is hard and the last few weeks have been rough, I can't help but be so grateful for what we have been blessed with. I am grateful for the wonderful people here. There is a 95 year old lady in our ward who isn't able to go to church because she is confined to her home, but she just LOVES the missionaries. We visit her every week and I love her so much. She found out I could play the piano and every time we go over there, she makes me play for her. Her face just lights up and it makes her so happy. That is a tender mercy from Heavenly Father and it is a great blessing to be able to use my talents to bless someone else's life. :) We made cookies this week for our investigator who just had surgery and it meant the world to him. We were able to help a less active with a bad back do some yardwork and it really meant a lot to her. I am so happy for these little things that allow us to help other people. It makes me so happy to know that I am doing good and helping other people. It is so incredible the blessings and tender mercies I see each day. I am so happy to be here:)

Anyways, we are going to continue to work hard and try to find those whom our Heavenly Father has been preparing! I have faith and I know we will be blessed. I am so grateful to all of you for your love and support. I am grateful to be here and I can't wait to see what is in store! I hope y'all have a great week. Sending my love. :)
xoxoxoxox Sister Bigs 

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