Monday, May 26, 2014

Fortune Cookies, Fasting and Faith

Dear Family and Friends,

It is finally warming up here! Whoooo!!!! I hope summer is here to stay! #californiagirl. This week was rough and I have been humbled so much. We are just struggling with finding new investigators and helping our current investigators progress. It has felt impossible and everyday feels like it will never end. But I know that after the trial of our faith it will come:)

Sister Nieto and I had a really awesome experience. On Saturday, we came home to do progress records and it had just been a hard day. We had been rejected countless times and we were feeling discouraged. We talked about the struggles that we were feeling and it was really emotional. We didn't know what to do and the thought came to me, "get on your knees." So Sister Nieto and I got on our kneews and cried and prayed and hugged. I realized that in times like that, we always need to turn to our Heavenly Father when we have no where else to turn. I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort after we prayed and it was confirmed to me that everything will get better. Sister Nieto and I fasted yesterday for our area and for our investigators. It was a very humbling experience realizing that I can't do this on my own and that I need Heavenly Father every step of the way.

After our fast, we had a Chinese food dinner and we had fortune cookies. Sister Nieto's fortune said, "You will meet someone this week for your benefit." and mine said, "The people who surround you will become more cooperative than usual." Whaa?? If that isn't an answer to prayer then I don't know what is! Haha. Then we met this guy that we have been trying to contact forever and we gave him a BoM and he asked tons of questions and said we could come back to teach him! #miracles. It is experiences like those that build my faith and my testimony. I KNOW that Heavenly Father is there and he is waiting to bless us, we just have to do our part first. We are determined to find a new investigator this week and we will keep working hard and being diligent and hoping for the best:)

This week we had exchanges! I was with Sister Hansen. She is AWESOME and such an incredible missionary. I went to her area on the other side of Twin and we had a lot of fun. We taught a lot of lessons and contacted lots of people. It was great! It is always fun learning from a new companion and to be able to have new experiences. :)

Also I have been able to share my talents a lot on my mission. I get asked to play the piano constantly. It is awesome though because it only makes me better! The Kezele's have a piano and so I am able to play more which I enjoy! I wish I would have practiced more #momsarealwaysright,:) but I am getting better and getting more confident! This week I played for primary which was kind of fun! I just feel so blessed because the Lord has given me so many opportunities to share my talents and to bless peoples lives and to serve them. It is so amazing and I just love it!

I am so grateful to be here and I am grateful for the experiences I am having. I know they are only to make me stronger and to help me  become the person Heavenly Father knows I can be. It is just incredible to be a part of the Lord's hastening of the work in these last days. We are preparing people for the Saviors second coming, and that is the most important thing I can ever do in this life. I am grateful for this amazing Gospel that has changed my heart and that I have the opportunity to help others do so. I love you all so much! Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. I feel it everyday! Sending much love.

Love, Sister Bigelow

Investigator prayer list (these names could also be put in the temple if you have the chance.:)) Karen Bishop, Kim&Doug Palmer, Babes Kalulu, Hassani Family, Yavruian Family, Sidney Bowers, Vincent Garcia. Thank you!

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