Monday, January 5, 2015

Pretty sure my toes needed to be amputated

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was great! So many wonderful things happened. The New Year is staring out right!
Monday: Nothing exciting. We played in the snow with our District for our activity. It was fun except for the fact that it was like 8 degrees outside. I was pretty sure my toes needed to be amputated after that haha. 
Tuesday: We had MLC (Mission Leadership Council). This is where all the Zone Leaders and Sister-training leaders get together with the AP's and the mission President to discuss the next months focus, and things that are going on in the mission. We had a Sisters meeting at 8:15, and it was snowing, so we got up at like 5 to leave our house. MLC went until 3:30, so it was a pretty long day! But I enjoyed learning from other leaders, and being able to counsel together. After that we exchanged with some Sisters in Burley. I got to be with Sister Owsley! Remember when we were companions for like 2 weeks when Sister Bly got burned? We had so much fun being back together! I will continue to complain about the cold. It was -3 degrees today. #rexburg? 

Wednesday: New Year's Eve! We exchanged back and made some visits. We had to be in by 6pm, so our District got together and played games until 9. Most hilarious thing that has ever happened. We played this game called "Curses" where we all draw cards that have silly things we all have to do for the entire game. It consisted of Elder Nillson having to strum an air-guitar anytime he talked, and he had to talk like Scooby-doo. Elder Hancock had to talk like a girl while making bunny ears, and any time any player drew a card he had to be a wrestler and threaten to crush them. So you can see that we had a lot of good laughs haha. It was a good way to celebrate the New Year!
Thursday: Happy New Year! It was our planning day, so it wasn't very exciting. We set some goals for this new year, and I am super excited! I am kind of glad the holiday's are over, so we can just get back to teaching the Gospel all the time!:)
Friday: We had a Zone Training today! As Sister Training Leaders, we get to teach the other missionaries and do a training! Whoo! Our focus for this month is,"Using the Book of Mormon for lasting conversion." Sister James and I are super excited about it! We have been reading the Book of Mormon with everyone and it makes a huge difference in the depth of their conversion, especially if they are able to understand it and gain a testimony of it. The Book of Mormon is awesome. President Benson said, "The Book of Mormon is our guide book to show disciples of Christ how to live in times of war." It was literally written for our day! I am so grateful to have that guide, and for the peace that it can bring in these last days.
Also, our recent converts, the Day family, are getting their patriarchal blessings and going to the temple to do baptisms this month!!! :)
Saturday:Lots and lots of teaching! It was a wonderful missionary day. 
Sunday: The Sabbath. We spent most of our day at church, and the rest of the day making visits. Great day!

We are trying to focus more on finding this next month. Most of our investigators got baptized and we want to continue to fin those people that the Lord is preparing! Alma 13:27. This week is transfers, but luckily, Sister James and I get to stay another one together! And the best part is the Sister Pohahau and Ramsey are coming to Burley, so I will get to exchange with them! I am so grateful for the Gospel and for this new year that we all have to reevaluate and set goals. Thank you for all the love and support! Have a great week! (especially those of you on a Cruise Ship)
Love, Sister Bigelow

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