Monday, January 19, 2015

"The world and Taylor Swift's album is not that great, so enjoy serving the Lord now"

Dear Family and Friends,
Quote of the week, "The world and Taylor Swift's album is not that
great, so enjoy serving the Lord now." E. Hancock, recently returned
missionary. I guess I better live it up while I can! I'm grateful for
this chance that I have to serve the Lord with all my heart and leave
behind the world:)

Is it seriously the end of January? Where does the time go? I have
been gone for a whole year. 1 year. It is crazy! But I have loved
every minute of it! I have really realized how precious time is,
because when you blink it is gone. I have realized what is important
in this life, and i am grateful that my mission has taught me that!
There is no time to waste!

This week was good. We did a lot of contacting! Trying to meet new
people and find those that are being prepared. We got to work with
Day's a lot this week. I just love them. They have become family to
me. Isabelle went to the temple this week! And the Day's are getting
ready to go this weekend. They are seriously amazing. They help me
more than I think I help them. There is nothing more rewarding than
seeing the fruits of your labors.

We basically just taught all week long and it was wonderful. I love
that in this mission, we get the opportunity to teach lots everyday. I
know in a lot of missions, you are mostly trying to find, but I love
that we get to teach everyday! It helps me so much, and I love it. I
have learned that the simple doctrines of the church and of the
Restoration are what strengthen our testimonies. The church is so
We had exchanges this week! I got to stay in Rupert with Sister Graff.
She is from Utah, and she is awesome! I love getting to know all the
Sisters better. It is pretty much the best thing ever. I love the
friendships I have with each of them. They are all amazing and have
all helped me so much.

I have so enjoyed reading the Book of Mormon as a mission, and I have
learned so much reading it for the 3rd time. In 2 Nephi chapter 4,
right after Lehi dies, Nephi is very sorrowful and he is crying out
saying, "O wretched man am I", "my soul grieveth because of mine
iniquities," and thing like that. And then he remembers "the goodness
and mercy of God." Then he realizes that he shouldn't feel that way.
He says, "Why am I angry?, Why should I yield to sin, and to the
adversary?" I love his change of attitude and heart. It just reminds
me that we get to CHOOSE to be happy. We get to choose if we feel sad
or not and if we let the adversary in and make us feel that way. It
was a great reminder to me, that even though, I'm not perfect, I have
so much reason to rejoice because God is good and he will help me,
even if I make mistakes. There's my new motto: Choose happiness:)

Looking forward to a new, busy week! Can't wait for Elder Ballard to
come and to hear his insights. So grateful for prophets and apostles
that lead the way! THe good news is, that I am feeling so much better!
I have been going to the chiropractor, and the wards are taking great
care of me. So grateful for the ways that I have been blessed. I love
and miss you all. Have a great week! And don't forget to take time to
serve others this week:) Thank you for all your love.
Love, Sister Bigelow

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