Monday, February 16, 2015

Losing 3rd Ward

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow this week flew by! Like seriously, I think missions are a time warp!

Thank you so much for all your prayers that you have been sending my
way! I am feeling SO much better, and I know that it is all because of
Heavenly Father. He has truly blessed me and been with me. This week
was awesome. I was able to go out, be a missionary, and do what I

Monday: We played chair soccer again last week and it was pretty fun.
We keep coming up with new ways to play it and change it up a little.
This time we did rotating teams depending on which team won the round.
It was pretty fun! #missionlife. We also made a presidents day card
for our mission president, hopefully he gets a laugh out of it too. So
grateful for him and all he does!

Tuesday: We  had our last district meeting since it is transfer time
again! Always so bittersweet. I love that we get to be in districts,
and work together, and help each other out. You continue to make those
lasting friendships. SO grateful for all the wonderful people in my
We had a relief society activity in one of our wards tonight. Since it
was Random acts of kindness week, we all wrote down a service that we
would do on an index card, and we gave it to someone, and someone gave
theirs to us. I thought it was an awesome idea! What is better than
helping and serving others? :) It was kind of funny we were talking to
a lady in one of our wards and she was telling us about how about a
month ago we sent her a text message about a lady we have been trying
to work with but she was dying of cancer so we couldn't really teach
much, and well we called one day to set up an appointment and the
family said that she was unresponsive and that she wasn't doing well.
So we texted this lady to update her that we wouldn't be having a
lesson and also about this lady's condition. Well the member told us
that she was driving down the road when she got our text and all she
read was sister..unresponsive.. and she yelled and scared her kids and
swerved (no accident luckily) and freaked out because she thought
Sister James or I was unresponsive and we were being dumb and not
calling 911. Luckily she had one of her kids read the text and
realized all was alright. We were just grateful they were safe! Haha,
good times.

Wednesday: Got to go on exchanges with Sister Hansen! It was a BLAST!
And we were back in Oakley (my favorite place in the world), so
basically it was the dream exchange. I got to see lot's of people I
used to work with, and it was amazing! We also decided that every
animal we saw that day, we would take selfies with it to capture the
true essence of Idaho. It was so much fun. I love that girl so much!
She goes home this week! So crazy! I <3 Oakley.

Thursday: We got a new investigator! Whooo!!! Those part-member
families are a gold mine. So grateful for all the work we have to do
here! We also had our Book of Mormon class which I love. It helps me
probably more than it helps the people who come. It has been amazing
as I have taught from the Book of Mormon how much better I understand
it, and how much more it means to me. Literally it is our instruction
guide for life. Just follow it's teaching and everything will be

Friday: We played Bingo with the little old ladies at the nursing home
after we helped the frost sugar cookies- so much fun! The old ladies
were complaining that they have frosted enough sugar cookies in their
lifetime, so we pretty much did all of them:) We also cut out hearts
and wrote scriptures on them so we could heart attack our
investigators, members, bishops and ward mission leaders doors for
Valentine's day! Taught some awesome lessons tonight to some
less-active members! Really felt the spirit, and I felt so much
gratitude for this wonderful opportunity I have been given to teach
people about Christ. Great day!

Saturday: Valentine's day! and I enjoyed all the spoiling I received
from my friends and family, and ward members.  We heart-attacked all
day, and it was a blast! Just wanted to let some people that are
having a hard time that we love and appreciate them. It was awesome,
and we also attended a baptism for a family that lives in one of our
wards but is being brought in to the Spanish branch. We then went over
to the Days and watched "The Testaments" with them and made smoothies!
I love them so much! So glad we were able to hang out with them, and
that they let us in their house on Valentine's day;)

Sunday:Transfers calls! I will be staying here in Rupert, and will be
joined by Sister Kentner as Sister Training Leaders, and Sister James
is headed off to Twin! I will definitely miss her TONS! I am so
grateful for her and the wonderful 2 transfers we have had. We also
are losing 3rd ward!!!! That is bittersweet too. I will miss that
ward, but it is a wonderful opportunity to focus on our other 2 wards
more. I will definitely miss the Day's and a lot of other people. But
I will do whatever the Lord asks me to do:) We spent the day visiting
people in 3rd ward and say our see ya laters:)

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's day! I know I did!
#whoneedsboys? #preachinggod'slove. It was the best. Thanks again for
all your love, prayers, and support! Don't forget to smile and pay
attention to the little things in life. Y'all are the best! I love
you! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Bigelow

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